Ziggy and Queen Victoria

The Early Years & Queen Victoria

In common with many funfair hire operators we can trace our original operations back through many generations, indeed one of our earliest corporate entertainment teams entertained Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle. Gradually we moved away from corporate work into traditional funfair operations. Then about 2009 our supreme leader, MD decided to move back into the world of corporate entertainment.

Corporate Entertainment

Over the next 3-4 years, we ended up winning so much work that we left the public funfair arena and specialised purely in paid events.

We provide entertainment to both private clients and corporate clients, we don’t continue to operate at normal funfairs and then provide private services as a minor sideline, our entire business is focused purely on servicing the private hire sector, and we recognise the different mindset and more focused approach that is required to operate in this highly competitive arena. Unlike many funfair operators, we realise that customer service isn’t a Spanish waiter.

The Next Generation

No, not a Star Trek series, but the addition of the younger family members taking a more active role in the company. Turns out that although we have done really well over the last 20 years. That even though our services are first class, our food not only tastes good but looks good, this is no longer enough.

In the brave new world of the millennial, everything has to be Facebook friendly and Instagrammable.

The way to do this, I was informed, is to stand out by injecting a big dose of craziness into everything we do.

Henceforth the old business of Candy Floss Crazy is being quietly retired, to be replaced by Crazy & Co. Which I am reliably informed, will be living up to its name.

Feel free to ask us how we can sweep you and your event along on this demented  rollercoaster of change.

Alternatively, if you just want to talk to us about anything from the history of the carousel to what is the sexiest Italian sports car engine, feel free to drop us a line. (It’s a Maserati V8 by the way)


Case Studies Of Our Clients