Dessert Services

French Crepe Carts For Hire

French Crepe

One of our range of international catering desserts. Delicious hot French Crepes. Like our traditional pancakes but much thinner. These are drizzled with Nutella, topped with fruit, sauces and sprinkles. A fabulous treat for any type of event. More oh la la….

Dutch Poffertjes Cart Hire

Dutch Poffertjes

Another fabulous international treat, Poffertjes. From the land of the windmills and clogs. Mini Dutch pancakes with a knob of butter. Dusted in sugar and  topped with cream and sauces. More….

Spanish Churros Cart Hire

Spanish Churros

Ola, our Spanish offering is Churros. Finger type doughnuts. Dusted with sugar and drizzled in chocolate. Perfect for a late evening treat. More Senor….

Candy Floss Cart Hire

Candy Floss

Also know as, cotton candy floss, papas beard, ghosts whiskers. Many different names for the same sweet fluffy spun sugar confectionery. Floss carts are definitely one of our most popular items. With a selection of flavours, from pink vanilla to bubblegum. More….

Popcorn Carts For Hire


A perfect complement to our cotton candy cart. The aroma of freshly popping corn fills any sized room. We supply salted, sweet or a range of gourmet flavours. More poppin fun….

Hire Fresh Donut Cart


Doughnuts, or donuts as they are sometimes referred to. So beloved of American cops.  Or so Hollywood would have us believe. Another super dessert. With sauces ,sprinkles and everyone’s favourite Nutella.  More….

Boutique Ice Cream Cart Hire

Ice Cream

Classic catering dessert. Our range of soft scoop ice creams. Provided by a small Yorkshire boutique supplier. With toppings sauces and the all important 99 flake. Cadbury’s of course. We also offer a new range of luxury flavours. Or Indian Kulfi Ice Cream. More….

Belgium Waffle Cart Hire

Belgian Waffles

Thick Belgian waffles. Drizzled in whipped cream. Add chocolate sauce and candy sprinkles. Of course Nutella is also an option.  A delicious filling dessert option. More….

Waffle On A Stick Cart Hire

Waffles On A Stick

Lolly waffles, the same great taste as our Belgian waffles, but in a much easier to eat snack format. Perfect for high volume events, or where you need to serve people quickly. More….

Pretzel Cart Hire


Available as either soft dough bread pretzels. Or mini bite sized biscuit pretzels. This is an increasingly popular continental snack. More….

Strawberries And Cream Cart Hire

Strawberries And Cream

The classic British summertime treat. Strawberries and cream, or molten Belgian chocolate, if that floats your boat. Not just for Wimbledon week either. More…

Snow Cone Cart Hire

Snow Cone Cart

When you need an ice cool treat this is it. Fabulous shaved ice with multiple flavourings for those hot summer events. More Cool Runnin….

Our crazy dessert carts are available for events throughout the U.K. and Europe. Including Scotland, London, The North East, The Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and are ideal for corporate events, weddings, parties, military functions, college balls, exhibitions and company fun days.