Hire Spanish Churros Cart

Our Little Blue Churros Box

When you want churros and they need to be fast, this is the one for you!

Professional Churros equipment from J L Blanco

We have designed this vintage horse trailer from the ground up to serve churros. Fitted with a high speed high capacity fryer and automated dispenser from Spain’s top Churros equipment manufacturer.

This is capable of dispensing thousands of servings per day, perfect for large festival type events, though we are just as happy at a wedding or private party.

Ask us quote you happy for churros.


Electric Churros Fryer

High Capacity Fryer

A high speed high capacity electric fryer. This has a huge oil capacity giving it super fast recovery times. Coupled with the almost 50 amp heating elements and this can churn churros out non stop for hours on end.

Supplied from one of Spain’s top suppliers this unit is built like a tank and performs like one.

Automated Churros Dispenser

To keep up with the fryer we added a fully automatic, programmable dough dispenser. This can be programmed to dispense multiple churros at a time, at pre-set lengths, or even looped or even continuous churros.

Together with the fryer this combination spits them out like an Exocet missile at full tilt.

Automatic Churros Dispenser
High Capacity Dough Mixer
High Capacity Mixer

To feed the dispenser and keep everything moving, we added a huge dough mixer. Designed for mixing upto 60 litres at a time, this produces a blob of dough that needs Jeff Capes to lift out of the mixer.

Everything working in harmony for delicious Spanish churros at speed. If you need to hire Spanish churros then this is the way to go.

High speed Spanish Churros cart hire, in the U.K. Including Scotland, London, Yorkshire, Lancashire, The North East and The Midlands, this is a perfect snack treat for military balls, college balls, corporate events, exhibitions, company fun-days, sales promotions, open days and any other event where a huge numbers of guests need to be served in short periods of time. Hire Spanish Churros