Hire Fruit Smoothies Cart

A Healthy Option, Super Smoothies

Green Stuff Is Good For You


Health is all the rage now. We have some fabulous drinks options, gin, prosecco and so on, but if you need something that’s equally as delicious, but actually good for you then hire a smoothie bar.

Give your guests a choice of smoothies from our wide variety, from delicious berry and freshly blended fruit, to super healthy green stuff. Our juice and smoothie bars provide a professional service ideal for exhibitions, conferences and corporate events, but equally welcome at a wedding or birthday party.

Our staff will provide your guests with your choice of freshly blended drinks made from a selection of ice cream, juices, fruits and vegetables in our hi tech smoothie makers.

Smoothie cart hire will definitely fit in with the modern move towards  healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices. Our mobile catering services can be combined to create a custom package for your event.

Ask how smooth we can make your event.


Mobile Juice Bar

We can work up a selection of smoothies to suit your theme. You can choose these from our menu of pre designed drinks, or you can work with us to create your own drinks, names after your theme or company obviously.

To add a little style you can choose from a selection of different bar styles including;

•Traditional Victorian.
•Alpine Hut.
•Saloon Bar.
•Modern L.E.D.
•Mobile Bar
•Street Food Style Cart
•Full Custom Produced Cart

For weddings and parties you can have your cups customised with the bride and grooms names, or a company logo for business events.

Smoothie Blenders

Your drinks are prepared by our ‘barista’s’ using hi tech Blendtec blenders. You might have seen them on youtube being used to blend all sorts of things including Iphones.

These are professional grade blenders using high speed motors, super tough blades and programmed blend cycles for the perfect mix.

Contemporary Coffee Cart

Your fruit smoothies are made from a range of delicious ingredients such as;


Mixed with a range of fruit juices for a delicous satisfying drink.

Alternatively for those super healthy we can go down the green stuff route;


Again blended with juices, frozen natural yoghurt and oats to create a textured reward for your guests or staff.

Hire smoothie cart services, available throughout the U.K. Including Scotland, Lancashire, Yorkshire, The North East, London and The Midlands. It makes a great treat for parties, weddings, corporate events and private parties, military functions and college balls.