Hammer House Of Horror Hole

Hammer House Of Horror Hole. Straight out of a B horror movie. Ghouls, skulls and tombstones for your enjoyment.
Crazy Golf Hire Horror Hole

Hole 7 – Hammer House Of Horror.

The Hammer House Of Horror. One for all those b movie horror fans. Our spooky themed crazy gold hole, with skulls, goblins, tombstones and more.

Through the first tomestone, avoid the skulls and up the frankenstein hill into the hole.

Do it if you dare!

In Today’s Instagram Generation, Everything You Do Will Be All Over The Web, It hasn’t just got to be good, it has to look good too.

Tombstone Obstacle

Tombstone Obstacle

First up is a little RIP, that’s Rest In Pieces. A spooky tombstone with a small tunnel.

Crazy Golf Hire Horror Skulls

Slalom Of Skulls


Straight after the tombstone comes the slalom of skulls, 3 ghastly apparitions for you to avoid.

Crazy Golf Hire Horror Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s House Of Horror Disc


You finish up by slipping the ball up Frankenstein’s disc and into the hole. Of course depending on which side of the disc you look at, it could also be Pennywise, Chucky, or the grim reapers disc.

Crazy Golf Hire Horror Little Arthur

Mother In Law

Completing our Hammer House of Horror. Looking over the proceedings to ensure the laws of the game are being adhered to.

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