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Birth Of The Boda Zapha

23 February 2022

Born from an egg on a mountain top, monkiest, mon…… erm no wait, thats the wrong legendary hero.

Monkey was a popular 1980’s Japanese TV show based on a 16th century Chinese novel. Noted for its dubbing, bad acting and crap prosthetic effects, it was so bad it was a cult hit.

Our here though, Ziggy, had a different birth. We liken it to the super soldier serum used on Steve Rogers to create Captain America. We took the best in anthropomorphic beings and supercharged him to create the Boda Zapha, the new look to our long standing catering company, the leader as we venture into our new incarnation of CRAZY & Co.

Ziggy, a fusion of quirk, crazy and sub zero coolness
Ziggy, a fusion of quirk, crazy and sub zero coolness

Ziggy Is Our Leader

As we move into a post pandemic phase, which has seen a massive increase in the work we are winning, Ziggy will be our main branding on our catering units, photo booths etc. With staff uniforms, vehicle branding, even a bi weekly comic strip starring our hero to spice up our social media.

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