Are Funfairs Safe

The slightest accident on a funfair flashes across the nations news channels as the armchair experts come out of the woodwork to pontificate on the safety of our nations funfairs. So do they have a point, are most rides held together with gaffer tape, cable ties and the power of positive thought?

In general no, (though we do love gaffer tape but not for safety related repairs). If you use a reputable operator, who maintains his equipment, meets all required safety procedures, and keeps the correct documentation to prove this.  Then you wont have a problem. The news channels never talk of the millions of rides taken every year on the nations funfair rides without issue. The fact is that news like that doesn’t sell papers.

However we aren’t asking you to take our word for it, we obviously have a vested interest in convincing you that what we do is safe. The following paragraph is taken from the conclusion of an official Health and Safety Executive report, commissioned to examine the safety on funfairs.

Summary of Conclusions 1.2 Risks to the public at fairs and amusement parks have proved to be quite small, on average, despite common perceptions to the contrary. For example, the risk of death from a typical session is estimated, on a pessimistic basis, at 1 in 83 million, which is: a) about one twelfth that from a typical walk to get to the site;

Basically you are far more likely to be injured on your way to the fair, than you are once you arrive

To put this in perspective, the chances of being struck by lightening are estimated at 1 in 700,000

We strictly adhere to the ADIPS scheme to keep our attractions as safe as possible.



So Is Everyone Safe

So does this mean you can hire any funfair ride without worry. Sadly it doesn’t, in line with any other facet of life, there are cowboy operators out there. We maintain and supply, as a minimum the following documentation for every ride we offer you;

•ADIPS test certificate (basically the rides annual MOT)
•Risk Assessments
•Fire Risk Assessments
•Method Statements
•Manual Handling Assessments
•Working At Height Assessments
•Portable Appliance Test Certificates (We are qualified to carry these out in house)
•Daily Inspection Record Book
•Public Liability Insurance

Additionally we also as a company have;

•An Environmental policy statement
•Anti Bribery Policy Statement
•Fairtrade Policy Statement
•Child Protection Policy Statement

The first list are legal requirements, any operator you are talking to who cannot supply these should be suspect, the second list aren’t legally required, but a forward thinking company should maintain most of these.


It stands for the amusement device inspection procedure scheme, which ensures that amusements devices are regularly inspected and certified by competent independent engineers. If your proposed suppliers cannont supply these certificates when asked then run for the hills. If they do supply them then feel free to contact ADIPS to check that they are currently in date, its not unknown for unscrupulous operators to use a scanner and high quality printer to reissue their own certificates.

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Safety is the No.1 concern when hiring funfair attractions.
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