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National French Fries Day

13 July 2020

National French Fries Day. Another on our list of national food days. This time it is the turn of the French Fries, or chips as we would know them as. To be sure this confuses any American visitors to these green and pleasant lands, as they think chips are crisps.

The origin of the humble chip or French fry is another of those lost in the mists of time things. But references in English literature go back as far as 1660.

Teamed up with battered fish, they form a classic British dish. The trouble is finding nice ones. We flew into Skegness recently, and decided to walk from the airstrip into town for fish and chips. On the walk back we binned them they were that bad. There is a small fish and chip shop near Sturgate aerodrome that is reputed to have the best in Yorkshire. Evidently they cook them in beef dripping on a coal fired range the same as they have done for the last 80 years.

However you like your fries, we can provide a range of French Fries carts for your event. Whether its a small party of 50 or a major college ball we have the carts to suit. All supplied with a range of condiments, HP and Heinz, none of that cheap no name rubbish.

So happy national french fries day everybody!

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