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This Time It Wasn’t Us, Tales Of Misadventures

17 July 2020

Over the years we have had our fair share of tales of woe. Thankfully I am happy to say that we never upset the client as we always managed to either put them right, or hide our involvement

This tale is slightly different, in that the client most certainly wasn’t impressed, but thankfully this time it wasn’t us, we were innocent bystanders.

On The Job

Ian, one of our event team. Had been sent on a little job in London, which we had been contracted for by another events company. We work closely with many of the major events companies out there, and a great deal of the smaller ones.

This particular job was in a large office building, and we were only supplying a dessert cart. Anyway Ian had rang me to tell me there was a delay in getting into the loading bay. Not an issue for us as we would take about 10 minutes to set up.

The company we were working for had quite a bit of kit to set up, so they were getting a bit anxious over the time frame. Ian rang a short while later to tell me that they had been given permission to enter the load area. The other team had jumped into their van, reversed at high speed straight into a metal post. The upshot was that the back doors were so deformed, they couldn’t open them, and the vans side door was nonoperational so they couldn’t use that either.

Whilst Ian was making a few trips carrying our equipment in, he said they were in a panic and attacking the back doors with bars trying to force it open.

Oops, Some Mothers Do Ave Em

About 20 minutes later he rang again. Seems they had managed to open the back doors. One of them had gathered up a collection of metal poles which were part of a sidestall and gone charging up a wide staircase and straight through a huge plate glass door. Ian said there was glass everywhere! Oops, not a good start for them.

Smashed Glass
Not The Actual Entrance, But You Get The Idea

About twenty minutes later Ian phoned yet again. Seems they had set the first of these stalls up. And the guy who had gone through the glass door was stood admiring his stall erecting skills. When unfortunately the top pole, which he hadn’t secured properly. Fell down, hitting him on the head and rendering him unconscious. Ian said that this time there was blood everywhere. I think he would have done Frank Spencer proud.

They had to call a first aider, who in turn called the buildings health and safety, who in turn told them to remove their equipment and leave. Ian explained that although we were contracted by them, we weren’t actually part of the same firm. So they allowed us to stay and operate and we did get paid. A tale of woe, but like a say, not ours this time.

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