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28 July 2020

We have undertaken a multitude of events, from christenings to weddings, corporate parties to sales promotions. One of the things which makes this business so enjoyable is the fact that pretty much everyday, you are somewhere different, doing something different. This one lead to something really profound.

A few years ago we were contacted to supply an espresso coffee cart to an event somewhere down south. When we arrived and set up, it was in a large marquee. There was a nice gentleman in the structure who we got talking to. When we enquired as to what the event actually was, it turned out to be his daughters funeral! She was known for her love of coffee, hence us being there.

She was only a young girl, about 23 or so if I remember correctly. But in that few years, she had undertaken missionary work, acquired her HGV licence, climbed mountains, and had been working as a paramedic.

The sad story behind her demise, was that on the day of her grandfathers funeral, she hadn’t turned up. When they went to her flat to see why, she was laid in bed and had sadly passed away. It turns out she had a sort of adult cot death syndrome, no actual cause for her passing was found at the post mortem.

There were various pictures of her exploits around the marquee. And in one corner was a plaque with these words;

Whatever we do in this life will be insignificant. But its important that we do it anyways.

I think that is one of the most profound statements I have ever read, coming I believe from Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi, a profound speaker

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