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A Unique Photo Booth Entrance To A Speakeasy

28 January 2019

The year 2019, 86 years after the Speakeasy era had ended and alcohol is very much legal. You’d think in the 86 years of modern times and legal alcohol the speakeasy concept would now be a thing of the past… a distant memory… just like the steam engine, the chimney sweep and the workhouses but that’s not the case! In fact the speakeasy concept flourishes so much so that every town and city has some sort of bar on their streets that follow this concept., but none using a unique photo booth like this.

One in particular that caught my attention was the int bar in the Cubao Expo. The idea of a speakeasy bar is that the bar and entrance is hidden – with each bar following this concept, as the visitor it is up to you to sniff out the alcohol in the establishment and how to get on the inside!!!

Someone entering the hidden speakeasy through the photo booth

To the Naked eye this looks like a standard photo booth, the type in a restaurant where after a few drinks you and your friends pluck up the courage to jump in the back of and spend the entire contents of your purse on photos trying to get the right angles and the perfect photo. And believe you me it’s hard to get a strip of photos that would put the Kardashian to shame!

Now to a trained eye (and a regular) at INT. Bar in Cubao Expo you will realise that this photo booth is in fact the entrance to a speakeasy style bar.

One Quirky Entrance

Behind the red curtain lies the entrance to a quirky and characteristic little bar. You start with taking an old fashioned black and white photo of you and your friends and then proceed through the door to take a seat it the speak easy. The bar owned by 4 Cubao Expo regulars covers the concepts and personalities of each member. The photo booth comes from one of the owners love for photography whilst the cocktails (all named after iconic films and actors) was the idea of another.

During my time as both a regular bar and nightclub visitor and an event organiser I have never seen a concept quite like this! What a unique and fun concept for a photo booth and one day I hope to personally visit this bar and take a cheeky photo booth piccy!

Hello Again, Hello

27 January 2019

Words to a Neil Diamond song, if your old enough to remember that, then you can probably remember Buzby, Accrington Stanley and the days when a telephone was connected to your house by a wire!

We recently switched our site to a secure server, leading to all sorts of unforeseen issues. Mainly with securing the blog side of things. So to sort this out we have decided it was easier to just start again. This is meant to be a mixture of informative articles, tongue in cheek comments on the wider world, and the occasional story about the misadventures of our staff.

So here we are, all shiny and new. We will be re posting some of our most popular content over the next few weeks. In addition to pruning some of the , erm, less desirable stuff. We have also widened our scope of writers, and now have some of the junior staff being allowed to post items (God help us), so hopefully you will keep coming back to see what we have.

In the meantime you could check out our main site Candy Floss Crazy.

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