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Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other? Look no further than our one-of-a-kind catering service. Hire a food truck and  bring an explosion of flavours right to your fingertips. With a passion for crafting mouth-watering delicacies and a commitment to exceptional taste, we invite you to indulge in an unforgettable dining experience.

Ranging from our flagship Vintage French van, to a replica of the little yellow 3 wheeler used in Only Fools and Horses. Food trucks for hire  add a touch of pizazz to your event, and definitely make it social media worthy.

For promotional or corporate events we can work with you to provide a fully branded food truck for your requirements.

Hire food trucks for your event.

Citroen HY Van

Citroen HY Van Catering Unit

A custom built replica vintage Citroen HY van. Cool Gallic style which makes a great centrepiece for your event. From a gin or prosecco bar, to any of our dessert lines or mains catering options, this one adds a touch of French flair to your event.

With a large fold up top panel, and two optional end panels, this one makes a great canvas for promotional events and is our most popular food truck.

Vintage Horse Box

Stunning Horsebox Food Truck Hire

Giddyup Go

Built on a vintage horse trailer, but designed to have a totally different look to most of the converted Rice horseboxes on the circuit in the UK. Capable of being used for any of our catering options. Including burger and chips, gin/prosecco and a multitude of desserts.

Oh, and the name? Whilst arguing over what to call it we happened to be listening to a Country and Western station and a Red Sovine song came on, called, yup, Giddyup Go!

Our Little Trike

Vintage Ice Cream Trike For Hire

Our Little Vintage Trike

Not really a food truck, but for smaller spaces or venues, the trike is a fabulous option. Obviously it isn’t big enough to serve burger and chips, but if you want Pimms, ice cream, strawberries and cream or our other dessert options then this ticks all the boxes.

The large freezer section and parasol provide plenty of space for branding options if you are running a promotional event. The eutectic plate means that many events can be covered without electricity needing to be supplied.

Del Boy Trotter 3 Wheel Van

Del Boy Trotter Photo Booth Hire

Uncle Albert

If you want the maximum attention at your event, then nothing beats ‘Uncle Albert’  our Reliant Regal Supervan Mk. III (No Del Boy never drove a Reliant Robin).

This allows most of our dessert and beverage services to be provided, and can even be used for smaller events with burgers or dirty fries.

The only slight drawback is that it doesn’t lend itself to being custom branded, but the menu cards can, and you can always add a pop up banner or three.

Go on don’t be a plonker, you know it makes sense.

Mini Camper Van

Betsy The Camper Van Food Truck


Another of our quirky options designed for beverages, desserts or smaller mains serving.

The roof flips up allowing the staff to cook and serve a selection of treats for your event.

The body of the camper provides a perfect branding opportunity for sales and promotion. Do you really want a box burger van when you can have something that’s actually fun.

Citroen Acadiane

Citroen Acadiane Van

Le Petit Rouge

Originally designed as a quirky little coffee van, now able to be used with most of our dessert offerings, Little Red is like a miniature version of our Citroen HY van. Gallic charm in spades, in a stunning red, this is an eye catching option for smaller events, or sales promotions.

Check Me Out….

Coming Soon

John W. Sanders II Our USA Fire Truck Food Truck

John W. Sanders II

Big boy’s toys. (or gals, hey we are equal opportunities here). This one is designed for big events. A genuine U.S.A. fire truck. Big, beautiful and loud. (Two big air horns and a 127 decibel  Federal Signals Q2B fire siren).

When this hits the scene, it will have massive cooking facilities, designed for festivals or huge corporate events. If you need to hire a food truck, then this is the one.

The Churros Box

Churros Box For Hire

Our newest offering, another converted horse trailer, this time fited out with high capacity Spanish churros equipment from J L Blanco, one of the leading manufacturers in Espana.

This is perfect for when you need large numbers of guests serving with delivious traditional fried Spanish churros.

Food trucks for hire are available for events throughout the U.K. and Europe. Including Scotland, London, The North East, The Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and are ideal for corporate events, weddings, parties, military functions, college balls, exhibitions and company fun days.