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Everybody Loves The Dodgems

6 March 2019

The Dodgems or bumper cars are easily the most popular ride on the fairground. Who doesn’t love zooming around on the track bumping into your friends steering out of the way of others…for some it’s the first time behind the wheel, but everybody loves the dodgems.

But imagine how cool it would be to own your own dodgem car and be able to nip down to the shop well for one man in Essex this became a reality, now im not sure if he had somehow managed to dodge all the other dodgem cars and the dodgem staff and was in a runaway dodgem car or if he managed to convert this to work on tarmac rather than the electric connection!

Thank god for dash cams!

The baffled driver who was driving along the road had come to a stop junction when he witnessed this white dodgem car just sliding down the road. He was so shocked at such a sighting that he pressed the alarm button on the dash cam the manufacturer’s team respond to the panic button in record time to make sure that this has not been a serious incident! I bet everyone in the building had a good laugh this day when they saw the video footage! The manufacturer of the dash cam said

“I just thought oh my god, is that really a dodgem? I know that electronic cars are popular, but this is another level.

I can only assume that he has amended it to make it into a road legal vehicle. I have never seen anything like it before in my life”

The footage was taken around 6pm on a Wednesday afternoon and the dodgem car driver can be seen waiting patiently at the junction to carry on the drive, I wonder where he was going? Perhaps the fairground to show off how his dodgem car works off the track or perhaps he maybe thought the fairground staff would let him have a free ride has he had brought his own car? Either way this is not something you see every day especially not in such a casual setting.

Thankfully the dodgem car driver was following the rules of the British roads rather than the fairground rules and is not known to have bumped, bashed or collided with anything else haha.

But how?

It still not known how the dodgem car spotted in Harlow was powered, fairground dodgems work with an overhead electric net that connects with the bumper car pole and when the electric’s turned on the track becomes live… I know that Electric cars are on the rise but this is definitely something else!!

After a bit of research I found that other city’s also have this unique car dodging round their streets too in 2016 a Mr Evans from Glasgow converted a bumper car into a road-legal petrol car, I wonder how the insurance policy works on this particular unique model?

And a mere few weeks ago a Mr Harper from Staffordshire had bought a dodgem bumper car for £400 on ebay and then spent a further £2,500 on converting the model to run under its own power… so guys keep your eyes peeled because this latest model of car may be coming to a city near you soon, as we said at the start, everybody loves the dodgems.

If you would like to hire dodgems that stop on the track let us know.

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