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Savoury Crepes

6 April 2022
Savoury Crepes

Sports commentator and broadcaster Ian ‘Moose’ Abrahams has recently broke twitter with his latest weird food fetish tweet, about the filling he likes in his savoury crepes.

In the many years that we have been experienced crepe makers we have found that Nutella and strawberries or lemon and sugar are the top choices for sweet fillings and recently having offered savoury option cheese and ham or a tomato and pesto being the top choices there. Now the fillings are all down to personal choice and were not judging here however the twitter trolls have been out in full force judging poor Abrahams for having one particular savoury filling in his crepes.

TUNA!!! Is the culprit of the twitter agg!  So someone out there –perhaps some warped and weird cook – is out there cooking crepes and filling them with tinned tuna chunks and people like Abrahams is loving it.

I mean as I said before we don’t judge here and tuna chunks are nice aren’t they? But many of the social media population don’t agree. The Sports Commentator has attracted a lot of attention for sharing his love on savory crepes on twitter. Many people are angry, many concerned and many are relieved that they can finally admit the same.

One tweet read ‘Ian mate you need locking up for this’ whilst another quoted “That’s the sort of thing a stoned student would eat. What’s for second course? Porridge with cheese spread?”

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An Insta Worthy Coffee Shop

22 July 2021

Nottingham…yes that’s right I said Nottingham is home to an Insta worthy coffee shop…with a twist. The twist being the fairground theme oh and the hidden tattoo parlor too!. Neon Wolf opened in January.

An Insta worthy coffee shop at Darby Road

The coffee shop that can be found on Derby Road, is home to fluorescent pink lights creating a candy floss like haze and both dodgem and waltzer cars for tables and seats. Don’t worry though the custom made cars have been fitted to the flooring meaning that you won’t be spun round whilst enjoying your coffee. You also don’t have to dodge other people in your dodgem car whilst trying not to spill your tea!.

Dodgem Car Seats

The fun theme to this coffee shop has caught the eye of many Instagram users who have deemed the cafe as an Instagram worthy coffee shop. In today’s society that is among one of the best compliments to receive. There are now 4.20 billion social media uses around the world. This figure has shown a  growth of over 490 million people  in the last 12 months. With more than 37% of the population using Instagram it’s important that businesses utilize social media. Due to the coffee shop being Insta worthy it means that visitors will be more likely to take photos and share it to their Instagram site. This meaning all their ‘followers’ will see the post. This is basically free advertising as once people see the photo they may wish to visit the coffee shop too

Custom Designs

The waltzer car has been manufactured especially for the cafe rather than being a second hand piece from a waltzer. Being custom made ensued that then cafe could put their own touch to the center piece. They had them fitted out with velvet seating and labelled with the phrase ‘sorry mum’ and ‘cry wolf’ in reference to the hidden tattoo parlor under the cafe. The dodgem cars have been restored as they was in very bad condition. With the outside framework being reconditioned and the interior being fitted with the same velvet seating as the waltzer cars.

Waltzer car seat and table found in an insta worthy coffee shop
Waltzer car seat and table found in an insta worthy coffee shop

Goose Fair Vibes

Many visitors have said that the cafe gives them major goose fair vibes. Nottingham goose fair is one of the biggest events on both the showmen and public’s social calendar’s. The goose fair turns up to Nottingham the first week of October and can be traced back more than 700 years. Originally a trade fair selling geese among other things it has now evolved into one of the largest fairs in the country. Nottingham Goose fair is now home to more than 500 attractions.

Nottingham Goose Fair 2018 at night

So for 51 weeks of the year if your missing your goose fair fix then you need to visit Neon wolf.The Instagram worthy coffee shop and take a seat in the waltzer car and imagine your being spun round till your dizzy! 

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“Work From Home…If You Can”

23 May 2021

‘Work from home if you can’, has been the echoing call, since the first lock down in march. The call from Boris Johnson and his team.

Due to the current pandemic many businesses have been closed and working from home has been of paramount importance. With many people turning rooms in their homes, or escaping to the garage to put together a make shift office.

One you probably wouldn’t think of is a work from theme park set up. In Japan they have announced a new initiative in order to encourage working from home. The initiative being to utilize their theme parks. A large theme park in Tokyo is offering ‘workcation’ packages. Giving employees across Japan the opportunity to work next to a beautiful pool or even on a Ferris wheel! yes that’s right you can work from a Ferris wheel.

The park charges 1,900 yen which is roughly around £14 for a weeks ticket pass. The pass includes a booth located at the pool and an hour in a private carriage on the Ferris Wheel. WIFI services are located throughout ready for you to connect your laptop or tablet to.

The Yomiuriland theme park

Japans, Work From Home Management

Japan, although a large country has managed the pandemic very well and is currently near normality with the rest of the theme park also open, which means that after a hard days work you can pay a little bit extra and purchase a park ticket allowing you to chill and unwind on all the fairground rides available…although remember you cant scream on the scary rides because that is against the covid rules.

Japan has primarily moved their businesses to being based at home. The government requested companies to have around 70% of their employees working from home. With this in mind they have been coming up with new inventive ways to encourage staff to take this option, Firstly they introduced the Theme park scheme, and then secondly they placed workstatiosn around National parks that people could rent and visit in a hope that people would reconnect with nature.

An  IT solutions firm FLEQ was among one of the first companies to encourage employees to work from the theme park. In the first week around 10 employees used the amusement park as their new office. Feedback from the employees was all very positive! however some said it was hard to concentrate at first as once on the Ferris wheel they just wanted to admire the view!.

An employee working from inside the Ferris Wheel carriage.
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Abandoned Spreepark

12 December 2020

Spreepark is a derelict amusement park located on the outskirts of Berlin, abandoned and eerie. It has been abandoned for over 10 years. Throughout the park you can find remains of children’s rides and game stalls as well as life size dinosaur statues. The park was originally created and set in 1969 and was called Veb Kulturpark Planterwald. Set up by the Communist government in East Berlin. The park thrived throughout the communist era until the fall of the Berlin wall 20 years later.

In 1991 Norbet Witte took over the park and renamed it ‘Spreepark’. Making many changes he transformed the amusement park, adding grass and water landscapes and bringing a line of new modern rides from the Mirapolis amusement park in Paris. Mr Witte changed the park numerous times and even added an English village. However it later came out that Norbet Witte was a controversial park manager and was involved in illegal activities such as smuggling cocaine, which he achieved by hiding it in parts of ride equipment that he shipped between Peru, Germany and Belgium. Due to this information surfacing the park was closed down in 2002.


From 2002 the park remained shut down, with erosion and nature soaring throughout the park. Causing destructive damage and in 2014 a fire started by arson destroyed much of the equipment in the park. Due to this the government increased security on the site with new fences around the perimeter. Miraculously in 2016 a company put forward a plan to take over the park. To transform it into a location for arts and culture. The company Grun Berlin GmbH was owned by the city of Berlin. They forwarded the proposed plans in late 2018 and are considered to be implemented over several years.

As of last year many of the attractions was removed. However some of the main features such as the large Ferris wheel and rollercoaster remain. Along with the restaurant from the very first year of the park being open, and a water ride, carousel and cinema from the takeover period.

The park was the only of its kind in the communist era. Covering around 74 acres it welcomed around half a million visitors per year at its peak popularity. The Ferris wheel (photographed above) was the parks most popular feature. Being upgraded in 1989 to celebrate the 40th anniversary. Adding more cabins to the ride and increasing the height of the structure .

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Hide And Seek With Mr Beast

27 September 2020

Mr Beast

Jimmy Donaldson who goes by the name Mr Beast is a 21 year old famous YouTube star. Reaching fame for his expensive stunts and philanthropy, he has over 34 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Mr Beast is no stranger to accompanying his stunts and challenges with a hefty price tag reward, his latest stunt involved the well-known game Hide and Seek, an abandoned amusement park and a 70K cash prize. Imagine playing a game of hide and seek with Mr Beast and coming home 70K richer!!!

The Game

10 content creators was chosen to play hide and seek with Mr Beast. Each contestant had their own face cam and walkie talkies. The aim was for them to hide somewhere in the abandoned run down theme park. The whole video had an eerie hunger game feel about it. On the video you see that Mr Beast tracked down three competitors. Then told the remaining 7 that they had an alarm in each of their backpack’s that could not be turned off. Mr Beast then introduced the option to close down different parts of the theme park. Forcing the remaining contestants in hiding to be forced out of the park and having to hide in new places.

Mr Beast looked everywhere in the theme park eliminating contestants as he went along. Looking under arcade cabinets, around the back of old fairground rides and underneath them. Even in the attack of buildings. 

After 4 hours of the game Mr Beast finally crowned the winner and handed over the cash price!

Other Videos

Mr Beast is no stranger to using theme parks for his youtube pranks. In August he launched a video ‘Last To Leave Roller Coaster Wins £20,000 challenge’. This is a pretty much self-explanatory title. The video shows a group of lads sitting on a rather large roller coaster car. For around about 3 hours. With some members throwing in the towel every few rounds of the ride no doubt due to sickness and tiredness.


Milkshakes Galore

13 September 2020

The term Milkshake was first created in the 1880’s. They started out as an alcoholic beverage, similar to an eggnog type of drink with added whisky to the mix, this was served as both a treat and a strong adult tonic! Not quite the child friendly Milkshakes Galore we’re used to from McDonalds.

By the 1900’s milkshakes were being made the way we know today, a wholesome calcium drink with added chocolate, strawberry or vanilla syrups. People then started having the dessert drink with a side of added ice cream, and fast forward to 1930’s the drink was the ‘in thing’ to the students of the day and the milkshake galore era took off.

Mega Galore Milkshakes

Milkshakes are a very popular drink bursting with flavour. Many dessert places have now created fancy Mega Milkshakes . Full of chocolate bars and whipped cream, and other high calorie additions. I have to say it’s a lovely dessert but oh so many calories. Many popular flavors incorporate other desserts such as bananas, donuts and waffles a far cry from the first eggnog alcohol versions of condensed milk drinks.

Mega Shakes
Mega Shakes

Happily, our milkshakes are a fabulous treat, but far healthier than these mega shakes.

When making our milkshakes we use ice cold milk, a dollop or two of ice cream. Blended with flavored powder and a selection of treats such as a skittles, Oreo, twixs, areos and so much more!. Our blenders create the perfect texture without loosing the thick taste of an iconic milkshake.

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Britain the nation of hot fresh Popcorn Lovers!

2 February 2020

Britain the nation of hot fresh popcorn Lovers! In fact most say it’s the only treat worthy to indulge in at the cinemas along with a tango ice blast slush. I mean what’s better than hot fresh popcorn…salted or sweet or if your adventurous maybe even toffee popcorn washed down with a mixed slushy.

Subsequently however many hot fresh popcorn lovers will also be able to tell you how annoying it is to get popcorn pieces stuck in your teeth and just how stubborn the curved shell can be to remove from the residence they seem to take upon your mouth. In fact I think it’s fair to say some popcorn shells try to take up squatters rights.

One man who lives to tell the harrowing tale of having a hot fresh popcorn piece stuck in his tooth is 41 year old Adam Martin from Cornwall. Adam a firefighter and farther of three managed to get a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth after watching a film one evening in September with his wife and kids. Martin’s used a number of tools for around three or four days to try and dislodge the popcorn including items such as a tooth pick, pen lid, piece of wire and even a metal nail. After dislodging the popcorn Adam carried on his day to day activities forgetting all about the popcorn fiasco.

Less than a week later…

Less than a week later Martin began to suffer from the typical symptoms of flue, fatigue, constant headaches, body shivers and sweats, however when these symptoms had yet to subside months later he took a trip to the doctors who diagnosed him with a mild heart murmur and sent him home. When he continued to feel unwell he went to Cornwall Royal Hospital where he was there diagnosed with Endocarditis which is an infection of the endocardium which affects the lining of the interior chambers of the heart. According to specialists the infection is brought on when bacteria enters the bloodstream especially from the mouth and skin

Adam himself stated that he felt there was something seriously wrong, and that he was sleeping all the time and had aches and pains in his legs. He was admitted the same day to the hospital for more tests and to see the extent of how serious this infection was. The tests and scans showed that his heart was severely damaged and he had to undergo an emergency 7 hour open heart surgery to repair the mitral valve and replace the aortic valve.

Moral Of The hot fresh popcorn Story

If Adam had gone to the dentist in the first place to remove the hot fresh popcorn piece safely then this near death experience may never have happened. Even though it wasn’t proved that the popcorn led to all that had gone wrong Adam stated that was the only thing he could think of to cause an infection. The infection could also have been handled sooner if he had of got antibiotics sooner.

Don’t let this story put you off enjoying the hot fresh popcorn at the cinema! This is such a trivial situation that lead to an unfortunate but rare situation. So guys the moral of the story is if you get popcorn stuck in your teeth go to see a professional and don’t use any old object laying around.

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Edible Coffee Cups…Whatever Next?

25 January 2020

Edible coffee cups are a new green innovation being trailed by Air New Zealand; a leading national airline. The Cups made from vanilla flavoured biscotti are made by a local New Zealand company Twiice. When first hearing about this trial my first thought was no one wants a leaky coffee cup! Imagine sat minding your own business and before you could finish your coffee the biscotti gives way and hot frothy coffee leaks all over your lap staining your clothes and making you uncomfortable for the rest of your flight! However after further research I have been informed these cups are apparently ‘leak proof’.

Air New Zealand's new edible coffee cup.
Air New Zealand’s new edible coffee cup.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Statistics show that 99.75% of coffee cups are not recycled, the UK alone are estimated to throw away 2.5 billion coffee cups away each year and only 0.25% are recycled. Air New Zealand are responsible for serving more than 8 million cups of coffee a year and said that they want to reduce the amount of waste that the company sends to landfills. This is just a small step on a large scale global issue. Many people have said that a change in cups is not a big enough environmental commitment for a company that size to make however in a statement released by Air New Zealand said that these new cups was being trailed both on the ground and in the air and was a small step into finding new innovative ways to meet sustainability challenges.

The cups have been a big hit so far with customers and they have also used the cups to serve desserts in rather than plastic dessert bowls. The cups are said to have a really good impact on the environment especially if it catches on to other companies around the world. The switch is from compostable cups made of paper and corn that is used in most of Air New Zealand’s lounges and aeroplanes, these cups are environmentally friendly however still fill up the landfill sites and take years to decompose. The plant based bio degradable cups have still been made available for consumers that may have a food allergy as the cups may contain traces of nuts, dairy and eggs.

Edible Coffee Cups Saving Reputations

Air companies and travel companies come under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to the environment. Flights produce a lot of greenhouse gases from burning fuel which contributes largely to the world’s global warning issue when the fuel is released into the atmosphere.

All companies no matter how big or small can take steps to help reduce their carbon footprint… if these new edible coffee cups literally take off and become popular than we may have to look into them for our coffee cart events.

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Jager coffee; guaranteed to keep you awake all night long

19 January 2020

Three drinks in life that are guaranteed to keep you awake all night long , to make your heart race, your palm sweat your senses alert and your hair stand on edge, red bull, coffee and jaeger…normally drinks you take separately, maybe a vodka red bull to start your night, a cold jager shot to help you party through the night till the early hours of the morning and coffee to kick start your hungover day. Imagine two of them mixed together…a revolutionary new drink guaranteed to keep you awake all day! Jaeger coffee is the new drink on the scene.

Jägermeister has launched a new alcoholic line to their already popular spirit. Cold brew coffee with 33% alcohol by volume guaranteed to keep you awake all night long. Each shot of cold coffee brew contains around 10% of caffeine similar to a standard serving of coffee from your local coffee shop, the new drink is designed to be served as the normal jager at an icy -18 degrees Celsius.

Blend guaranteed to keep you awake all night

Don’t fancy the taste of a Jägermeister coffee mix Here is a snippet of the drink from the official Jägermeister website which I think may just change your mind;

‘Jägermeister cold brew coffee is the perfect blend of our classic herbal liqueur with a generous helping of strong roasted Arabica coffee and a hint of chocolatey cocoa. Distinctive aromatic spicy notes leaf to a delicious, sweet and rich finish. Crafted exclusively with all-natural ingredients, every element comes together to create a taste of the unexpected.’

Permanent addition

This is the first permanent addition under the Jägermeister belt in over 50 years. The drink will be available to buy in Morrison stores around the UK. As well as Greene King pubs, beds and bars outlets in London. A gift set can be purchased direct from the website for £24.99. I think this drink will be a sure hit over the years with party goers who are willing to try new drinks and want to keep up to the party animals on the scene and make it through the night.

Cold coffee has been dominant on the shop floor for years just as jager bombs have been in the club and bar scene. So a mix together may have just filled a niche in the market because who doesn’t love a drink that’s practically guaranteed to keep you awake all night long.

We offer both coffee and jaeger carts for any event! I think that cold jager coffee will go down a treat at most parties, weddings and university events. So watch this space as we may offer it soon.

Fun Story

A great Expedition for a small boy

4 December 2019

There is nothing more frustrating than playing on the grabber machines in an arcade…when you spend all your loose change on the stupid bloody machine because each time you get so close you know it’s just going to happen the next time…but it very rarely ever does. You may even get so frustrated you try rocking or booting the machine but the designers was one step ahead of you they made it impossible to cheat your way to a prize. 

Yes this game is purely about luck and how much spare change you have to keep playing and trying your luck. However one three year old boy had an idea how to cheat his way to a prize. He ventured into the machine in order to grab a toy from inside with his own hands instead of the claw. 

Noah and his twin brother was on a visit to a play centre in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire when their mother turned her back for a second to hear the screams of other people their asking if that was her son, when she turned back round she seen Noah inside the machine in the hopes of trying to get himself a toy he was now lodged in the machine. 

The rescue lasted 10 minutes having to break three padlocks and prising the machine open to reveal the three year old child. The machine was then delivered an out of order notice so no one else could challenge the machine that day. The grabber was owned and installed into the arcade of the play area by a third party so they didn’t have the key to rescue him meaning that they had to break the padlocks with tools to be able to help him break free  

Noah had gotten himself lodged in the crane machine and couldn’t move to retrieve a teddy. This was a great Expedition for a small boy. I have to say though hats off to the young lad for his determination and skill to think outside the box…or should we say inside the box haha.