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A Scary Story

3 March 2019

Do you like a scary story? Have you ever visited a haunted house or a ghost train at the fairground? They’re not normally the scariest thing in the world, the aim is to entertain all age groups whilst adding a few jumps and scares along the way, maybe the cobwebs will get you, or the scary dressed actor at the end will jump out at you and scream boo? Or the ghost sound effects will follow you throughout your journey, but overall it tends to be an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling like the bravest person at the fairground because you conquered it!

Are you the kind of person that conquered the fairground scares without pooing your pants and think that you’re ready to take on something even scarier?  Maybe you’re ready to take on the haunted house that has been named the world’s scariest and I have to agree it sounds gruelling and terrifying.

The haunted McKamey Manor found in California has been compared to a real life horror movie which follows visitors between four different locations in the manor. The whole experience is filmed from entrance to exit which means family, spectators, and all round scaredy cats who don’t fancy the experience can watch the drama unfold through hidden cameras in each room. The whole experience is said to last between 4 to 8 hours however it’s seen that most people don’t last the full experience.

Speaking To The Owner

The founder is a big fan of horror movies which is where he got inspiration from to create his haunted mansion. Russ said: “Nothing is like what we do. It’s like living your own horror movie. There are four different locations, which have been streamlined for hard-core fans, determined to make it through. I consider the people who take part in these haunts as my friends because I research and spend time with them before they go on the haunt. Everything is very interactive: the experience – and challenges – are to prove what you can and can’t do.”

McKamey stated he’d invested over £383,000 into creating the experience he also doesn’t ask visitors for money to carry out the experience but just a donation to a local Dog kennel organisation.

No two visits to the Manor are ever the same but all as equally grueling, with actors, sound effects, live animals and animations used throughout the four areas. It is said to have made grown men cry. Each session holds two people at a time and each application has to be checked. It is alleged that participants can be slapped, bound and made to eat and hold disgusting things. In 2008 one person supposedly suffered a heart attack during a session. A scary story indeed.

It’s A No From Me

Im a big fan of horror films, even watching them in the dark on my own but I draw the line at this ghost house. Even though it’s all physiological and your safe throughout the entire experience I feel like id last all of 5 minutes before becoming a blubbering mess! I’ll be sticking to the ghost trains at the fair!

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