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Churros Cart

9 February 2019

Over the years we have built up quite a large range of catering offerings. From sweet to savoury foods, and hot to cold drinks. For some reason things seem to go in circles with our regular corporate clients. We will have a December, when every other job is chestnuts and mulled wine. The next year that combination is our worst seller.

Churros Cart, One Of Our New Lines

We are always on the look out for new lines to add. Firstly to keep up with trends, but also because our corporate clients like to keep things fresh.

One such line has been churros. For those who have never sampled the delights of churros and hot chocolate, they are a Spanish doughnut. Instead of the traditional ring like we are used to, the churro is a long thin finger doughnut, traditionally served with hot chocolate.

Like many things taken for granted, the history of the snack is unclear, Huffington Post have a nice article on the possible origins, but wherever they come from, they make a great alternative to traditional doughnuts.

Traditionally they are deep fried, we can do this, but we also offer a churros baking system, this is ideal to keep the Health and Safety happy as it doesnt use a large amount of super hot oil.

We supply them on a vintage churros cart, with a range of sauces and dips, including everybody’s favourite, Nutella. Oh, and in line with our environmental policy, we serve them on biodegradable bamboo boats.

We even managed to find a churros recipe for the vegans amongst you.


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