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More Taxes!!!

7 February 2019

Have you ever accidentally drove in a bus lane? Realised that thick white line was there and you’d just crossed into an Instant fine territory? Yessss we’ve all been there in fact on average, in fact fines are given to 178 people driving in a bus lane, every day it’s easily done

However I bet few of you can say that you’ve drove down a bus lane, and turned onto another bus lane on a different street and managed to clock up 2 tickets on the space of two minutes!! Yes that’s right two big whopping fines turned up to the office this Monday morning. Both from a Christmas Chestnut cart job.

Who’s The Culprit

So when the letter turned up in the office accusations and guilt began to spread just who was responsible for driving the company van on the 28th December at  7:23am…With some quick detective skills and narrowing down as to who was in Birmingham that particular day we had found our culprit and after a few rounds of jokes ‘was you driving round with your eyes closed’….’monkeys could be trained to drive better than you’….’did you not see any of the thick white line at all?!?!’ the boss paid the fine.

All jokes aside however more than 2,000 bus lane fines were issued on average per week in Birmingham during the first three months of 2018 and from 2016 to 2018 the number of bus lane cameras in the city has doubled to over 25, now speaking from experience Birmingham is already one of the most difficult towns to drive around, got to watch out for all the lanes, trams, public, red lights, kids and now speed cameras and bus lane cameras even for the most experienced driver this can be a difficult task.

I am happy to say that he only made this mistake one of the three days he was working in Birmingham.


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