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Photo-booth Project To Re-home Sheltered Dogs

31 March 2019

A Photographer from an animal rescue and adoption organization in the U.S started to use photo booth style images to re-home sheltered dogs. The idea came from photographer Guinnevere Shuster who is known for helping black dogs to get adopted. The aim is to show potential adopters what the dog would really look like if you allowed them into your home and to show them naturally rather than posed or behind caged doors which they currently live in. Who’d have thought that a photo booth helps to re home dogs

Trying to capture the dogs special and individual personality is a hard task however Shuster managed to do this perfectly by using a photo booth layout making the photo booth project to re-home sheltered dogs a huge success story.

More and more dogs are being found abandoned or being returned to the shelter for a number of reasons, for example when circumstances change it may mean that a family doesn’t have time to look after the family dog anymore and therefore want to put the dog up for adoption in a hope that they will find their forever homes. The photos produced are meant to help the dogs to look friendlier and show their full potential as a loving and fun addition to the home.

Records show that with these new photo booth style images 93.26% of the dogs are now finding new homes which is a record high for the humane society of Utah dog shelter.

The photo booth style portraits show four individual images of the dogs and come with a personal description of each animal. Here are some examples of the portraits:

Lady – Been Adopted

“We’re pretty sure a few cartoon artist have used LADY as their muse. This seemingly aloof wallflower actually loves attention after spending a few minutes getting to know you. LADY is a four year old Doberman Pincher. Dobermans are known to be good natured, extreme loyalty, highly intelligent, and have great trainability”

Andie – Been Adopted

“Looking for someone to keep up with you on the trail, who can make you smile first thing when you wake up in the mornings? You should probably come meet Andie! This 3 year old Boxer mix is a great catch! Not only is she incredibly athletic and great at playing fetch and tug… she also knows her basic commands like sit, stay, down and leave it, AND she LOVES kids”

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