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Crazy Popcorn Pilot

12 April 2019

Pakistan is home to a Crazy Popcorn Pilot who has recently been arrested for testing a homemade ‘flying machine’.

Muhammad Fayaz is a popcorn seller and part time security man. After watching the National Geographic Air Crash Investigation he said to be inspired to make his own aeroplane. Fayaz used all his savings, sold some of his land and took out a bank loan in order to pay for the build. Once the aircraft had been built he then proceeded to test the machine out in front of a crowd of around 500 people without the approval of the proper aviation authorities which then led to his arrest and the confiscation of the aircraft. The aircraft weighed around 95kg and cost an equivalent of £270 to build it was also stated that the plane would fly around 1,000 feet high.

Statement From The Crazy Popcorn Pilot

The Crazy Popcorn Pilot issued a statement that said he had been told to contact the CAA (Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority) in order to be granted permission to test flight his aircraft however he did not do this he also said that he is a patriotic Pakistani who has worked hard to make the aircraft and informed all the correct departments however never heard back from them.

Having attracting large crowds to watch he reportedly used a length of road that was clear and free of any obstacle’s or debris as a runway to test his plane. It was at this event that he was later arrested for building the aircraft without permission, testing it without the proper safety precautions. Fayaz was only taken into protective custody and the aircraft detained in order to protect everyone.  

After The Release

After his release Fayaz told the papers that had decided to make the pane around 4 years ago and spent three years planning the build before taking a year and half to start and finish building it. He also put many months of research into this having visiting local airports multiple times in order to look at their planes, the design they followed and the material that had been used on them. He also researched the function of different parts and how the mechanics work. Fayaz carried out many experiments with materials and engines until he found light sufficient equipment that would be strong enough and powerful enough to use for the plane.

His family were said to have made fun of this ‘crazy popcorn pilot’ idea however did not deter him and supported him. Since his release he has contacted the army and the prime minister to tell them of how he can produce cheap and sufficient planes for them and to the government to help him get his detained plane back.

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