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Man Lost His Car After A Night Out In The Town

21 April 2019

A man from Ripley lost his car after a night out in the town. He found it the next day surrounded by a fairground. After driving into town for a night out, and having one too many drinks he then made a conscious decision to leave his car parked and find an alternative way home. He did not however expect to go back the next day to pick his car up and find that the fairground had come into town and was setting up in that exact location. Much to everyone’s amusement the car was found in the center of the fairground and the rides had been built up around the parked car.

There is nothing worse than waking up after a heavy night drinking to the worst hangover, the kind where you want to lay in bed all day and pop paracetamol to shake the headache off and eat your body weight in junk food to make you feel better but for poor forty five year old Martin Ross he had to get up and trek back into town to pick up his white Lexus and bring it home.

I could only imagine the fear you must feel when you drag your hungover body to town to walk down the street to find your car parking spot has turned into a full funfair. He said that after the initial scare had worn off he actually found it quite funny. When he was walking down the street and realised the fair was there he said his first thought was that his car had either been clamped or towed away. So once he located the car and realized it was still there and untouched he began to laugh.

Car lost in fairground

Funfair workers find it funny

The fair workers found it a very funny situation but helped watch him out with the car. The car managed to escape by mounting the kerb and squeezing in between a tree and bus shelter.

Martin did manage to snap a quick photo of the cars situation to send to his friends and family. One of his friends immediately posted the funny photo and story to a social media page. ‘Spotted in Ripley’ Facebook page and received a lot of attention. One comment said how they thought it was absolutely brilliant, how a man from Ripley lost his car after a night out in the town. They also added how it made their ribs hurt from laughing so much when finding out.

Moral Of The Story of man from Ripley lost his car after a night out in the town

I think the moral of the story here is to make sure that when you’re parking the car for a night out make sure to check any events in the area the next day!! There’s nothing worse than a hangover, losing your car and having a fairground playing loud music around you.

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