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Golden Doughnut

6 April 2019

700 whole British pounds is a fair bit of money, I mean into perspective if you was to donate £700 to Unicef it would pay for 12 health workers that would be able to provide life-saving care for children. £700 could be a month’s rent, could be the down payment on a holiday or just help to cover them pesky bills that return to your doorstep every month!  

Or alternatively you could spend your £700 on a dozen golden doughnuts. That works out at like £58.33 per doughnut.  Now for your overly priced doughnut you don’t just get a krispy Kreme standard delight oh no you get a doughnut made with Cristal Champagne, with 24-carat gold leaf decoration and gold dust.

The Golden Doughnut

The doughnut sparkles and glimmers in the glass cabinet just beckoning you to part with your hard earned cash. The designer of this very exclusive and just a tad overpriced doughnut is Björn Delacruz a chef at the Manila Social Club restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The creator explained that his doughnut is more than an ‘extravagance’ it is the “ultimate celebration of love for generous people with expensive taste, and that it’s usually the case that the people purchasing these doughnuts is for a special somebody”

The golden flake doughnut made headlines when it was featured in the magazine First We Feast with comments about the contrast between the expensive donuts being on sale in a city with thousands of hungry people. Delacruz felt attacked at negatives comments about his doughnuts and said that the gold flakes is a gimmick that projects something special and allows people to treat the special people in their lives to something nice.  

Personally if I had a spare £700 laying around I’d spend it on a dozen of these little gold beauty’s purely to show off to my friends. I’d probably save a couple in air tight containers and display them around my home because for £700 I’d want something to show for it!!!

Read The Story Of The Golden Doughnut Here.

Our Company

We may not offer the all time exclusive Golden dust doughnuts but we do offer the tasty golden dinky donuts that’s perfect to serve at your event. With a number of different toppings such as syrup, sugar, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce you can decorate your golden doughnuts any way you like.

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