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Ice Cream Made With Maggots

13 June 2019

Gluten and dairy intolerance’s has been on the rise in recent years. In fact there’s over 8.5 million people in the UK that now lead a gluten free diet. This can be hard because it means that you have to cut out a lot of food from your diet and you can’t enjoy one of life’s biggest pleasures carbs and ice cream.

Luckily in this modern day more brands are creating alternative food now allowing people with intolerance’s to be able to eat a wealth of different foods, for example you can now get soya milk or almond milk as an alternative for dairy milk, gluten free alternatives to bread and of course Ice cream made with maggots.

Ice cream made with maggots – not a typing error

No…that wasn’t a typing mistake maggots is right a company has decided to make ice cream with the creepy little bugs called maggots. More precisely the species called the larvae of black soldier flies.

Personally I think that this ice cream alternative sounds pretty manky but they say that the ice cream doesn’t actually taste of maggets. The company based in Cape Town University Of Technology process the maggots with other natural ingredients then mix it with an array of different flavours in the ice cream machine. The flavours include such as Chocolate, Christmas spices and Peanut Butter all of which are strong flavours presumably to make sure that you definitely can’t taste any maggots.

The head of Production

I don’t understand why you’d take a fancy to trying larvae ice cream than a different alternative such as soya ice cream or almond ice cream but according to Leah Bessa the head of the product development that there is very good altruistic reasons for doing so she told the sun news paper “Insects are typically environmentally friendly and sustainable to farm because they use very little land, water and food to grow on,” she also later added that they produce a lot of protein, fat and minerals meaning whoever eats the ice cream is getting these benefit’s too.

I have not personally tried the ice cream or have any wish to do so, something about eating blended maggots doesn’t agree with my digestive system however when free scoops were given out on a taster day and they received a flurry of good reviews and apparently the taste is similar to other dairy free ice creams. In fact one quote left on the day read It tastes like ice cream should taste. A little bit more earthy, a bit more organic taste. But I’m pretty happy.”

With plans for the ice cream company to expand to other parts of the world including here in the UK it hopefully wont be too long until we can get our hands on some however I don’t know how well it will go down with our clients! maybe

Ice cream made with maggots may be a unique selling point here at Candy Floss Crazy so watch this space!!!.

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