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Perfect For Your Summer Barbecue Booze Up!

18 June 2019

The weather in the UK this weekend is reaching a new high for 2019 so far. Were definitely not a nation that is used to the hot weather or for that matter the cold weather were just used to a northerly wind and a constant downpour. When the snow hits we come to a standstill but on the rare occasion the sun hits we become a nation of alcoholics. Here were sharing some new products to the market that are perfect for your summer barbecue booze up!

The beer gardens are full and the barbecues are out in force this weekend and with day drinking on the rise when the sun comes out why not purchase the latest product to hit the market – champagne flute ice lolly moulds.

The company Sophistipops have created a 4 hole mould with freezer friendly stems that look like the bottom of a champagne glass which resemble champagne flutes. Imagine your friend’s faces when you bang them out at the next day drinking barbecue hot weather celebration. You’d be the most sophisticated hostess with the mostess.

The moulds can be purchased for a very british 10 bob from Hawkins Bazaar. You fill the moulds with your favourite drink, add the flute stems to each of the moulds and add to your freezer. Leave them for a few hours and then take them out the freezer and share around.

According to the item’s description on the Harpers Bazaar website it reads : “Indulge yourself with a frozen treat that exudes high class and sophistication. These Sophistipops are easy to make and come out full of flavour!”

This is not the only summer beverages perfect for your summer barbecue booze up!

Smirnoff the vodka brand has just launched a new Tutti Fruity Flavored Vodka perfect for your summer barbecue booze up! The new range of summer vodka spirits include orange, grapefruit, raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla. The Smirnoff marketing manager said that the process of making the new summer vodka uses real fruits instead of just flavoring meaning that their natural flavors are extracted and infused individually.

Kopperberg normally famous for its fruity cider is now launching a new pink gin that tastes of strawberry and lime! Another fruity summer drink perfect for the barbecue booze up or to put into a mold and freeze for a fruity gin ice pop!

The London-dry style gin will be available from May 6 at over 700 Greene King pubs across the UK. It’ll then roll out in Asda and Morrisons from May 22, where it’ll set you back £22 for a 70cl bottle.It comes with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 37.5 per cent, compared to only 4 per cent in its cider.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m excited for this warm weather to hit the UK and I hope it lasts longer than a day! We may have to consider some updates to the drinks list on our gin bar for some more sunny flavors! or on our frozen cocktail cart to make sure its ready for all the British booze up summer parties.

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