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Atomik Vodka

16 November 2019

We’ve heard of some wacky ideas for types and flavors of drinks but this one really takes the biscuit!

33 years after the worst nuclear energy disaster in the world scientists have used crops from the waste area to create a new atomic vodka. The science team behind the drink have assured tasters that the drink is radioactive-free and that it could ‘possibly be the most important bottle of spirits in the world’. Scientists from both the UK and Ukraine who spent over 24 months researching the area and looking into the scientific transference of radioactivity the local area of crops.

Locals to the area

Locals hope that this new product will help the region to recover economically as if crops and land can now be used without any radioactive side effects. They also hope to start a new enterprise launching a spirit company producing the Chernobyl vodka and selling it on.

A professor from Portsmouth University who worked on the project said that he hoped this would be the start of something brilliant for the local area and that he is hopeful that these special bottles of vodka which is made from grain local to Chernobyl will make a path for future endevours. Describing the spirit as the most important in the world due to the help it could give to the recovery of the economic in the local areas in and around the abandoned areas of the Chernobyl. He plans for over 70% of the profits to be given back to the local community

Scientists behind this product explained the process. They took the rye that was slightly contaminated in the contaminated area and water from the Chernobyl aquifer and they then distilled it. Although some radioactivity was found in the grain the process of distillation reduces the impurities which means that this spirit is safe to drink matching other brands of spirits also avalible on the shop floor. The main exclusion zone is a wild life reserve area and therefore shouldn’t be used as an agricultural site however there is areas around the area that could be used.

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