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The Last Flight Of Mi Amigo

22 February 2019

For those who haven’t seen it on the news, or social media, Mi Amigo was a
USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress that was returning heavily damaged from a raid. It crashed into trees in Sheffield’s Endcliffe park. At the time a group of kids were in the park, having met up for a prearranged fight!

One of them, a gentleman called Tony Foulds, witnessed the pilot turning the aircraft to avoid the kids and sacrificing himself and his crew to save them.

Memorial To The Fallen

As he grew up, Tony started to tend to the memorial that had been placed in the park. A labour he has undertaken for 6 decades. This was unnoticed by all except a few locals. Until a chance meeting with Dan Walker. Host of a radio programme for the BBC he was jogging through the park. Noticing Tony sweeping the monument they got to talking. Tony explained what he was doing and why. He told Dan his ambition was for a memorial flypast to commemorate the anniversary of the crash. Dan told him to “Leave it to me” and decided to help. He tweeted about the meeting, asking if anyone knew how much the red arrows would cost. Dan found the story going viral, with both U.K. and U.S. military chiefs contacting him regarding the request.

A Memorial Flypast

The upshot was that on 22nd February, a number of both countries military craft flew over the park in tribute. The final flyover was 4 Mcdonnell Douglas F15 Fighting Eagles, which flew the “Missing Man” formation. This is a poignant tribute, where the flight approaches with 4 craft in close formation. One of the middle aircraft suddenly breaks away and climbs vertically, leaving the rest of the formation to fly on with an obviously missing place. This is to honour a pilot, who can no longer fly the formation due to his death, and was a fitting tribute to the heroism of a long ago pilot.

F15's flying misin an formation
F15 Strike Eagles Fly The Missing Man Formation
WW2 Dakota Airplane
WWII Era Dakota Transport
Eurofighter Typhoons
Eurofighter Typhoon Fighter Aircraft Saluting The Mi Amigo

Now you might well ask, what has any of this got to do with a company specialising in Corporate Entertainment. Well, to be honest, nothing really, other than since I obtained my Private Pilots Licence I have had an increasing interest in aviation. Oh, and if it wasn’t for men like the crew of that B17, this blog might well be called Zuckerwatte Verrückt (That’s German for Candy Floss Crazy).

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Prison or holiday home?

20 February 2019

Do we want our prisoners in a prison or holiday home.

The latest available data shows a current prison population of approximately 92,500 in the United Kingdom, in context for the population of England and Wales alone that’s 179 prisoners per 100,000 of the population. With the highest age bracket being between 30-39 with over 25 thousand prisoners, followed closely by the age bracket 25-29 and with only 645 prisoners aged 15-17 years old.

When thinking about these shocking statistics and, the number of criminals that are behind bars little thought is spared for the family at home. The partner that’s now left to look after the family on their own. The kids who don’t understand what’s happening but know that mummy or daddy isn’t around anymore? The parents who don’t know where they went wrong but now their child is wasting away in a prison cell?  

Well good news a Nottinghamshire private prison facility has introduced a photo booth into their family visitor’s rooms in early march. They are installing the photo booth so that inmates can take photos with family members. This is to help reinforce both a positive atmosphere for children who are visiting their parents in the prison. Also for the inmates to have the opportunity to bond with their family. This creates a positive rehabilitation experience.

The oxford dictionary definition:

Prison : A building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime or while awaiting trial

This has received much backlash from others who have expressed that by installing the photo booths into the prisons its making the legal punishment system a laughing stock. Promoting prisons as a holiday home rather than a building which legally holds people as a punishment.

I personally feel that this small movement can help to make the transition for children visiting parents slightly easier and more comfortable because let’s face it the children are innocent, it’s not their fault that they have a parent who’s broken the law yet they now have to live with this and being punished also.

Kid reaching for a prisoners hand

Prisoners at the privately-run  HMP Lowdham Grange gave the opportunity to use the booth to capture group shots. With relatives during visits, an inspection report revealed. Ministers introduced the photo booth initiative having highlighted the importance of enabling prisons to have relationships with their loved ones when behind bars. Providing positive reinforcement helps with reintegration.

The photo booth gives a print out that both the family and inmate can keepp. Allowing them to share memories and keep each other close. Im sure you all agree that punishing the prisoner is fine. However as a society we shouldn’t be punishing their innocent children. After all they too are victims of their parents wrong doing!

Movie Nights 101

Movie Nights 101

18 February 2019

To lighten up things in the office, we have occasional movie nights using our in house AV kit. The way it goes is this, someone suggests a film, everyone else refuses to watch that. Everyone else suggests alternative films. First suggester refuses to watch any of them on principle. After much arguing a film is finally agreed upon for us to watch. Usually one that half of the office have already seen.

Well now, we have a new system. We have purchased from the mighty Amazon, a poster, entitled 101 movies to see before you die. This contains 101 (that’s a surprise) scratch off panels, with a movie hidden behind each one. We use a random number generator to choose a panel, and everyone has agreed that we watch whatever comes up.

A Beautiful Mind Movie 27

Well, the first number came out as 27. Cue the excitement as we scratched the panel off. Cue the groans as the title “A Beautiful Mind” appeared. Evidently a film about a mathematician with mental health problems!

John Forbes Nash was a mathematician at Princeton University in the 1940’s. Besides being a genius, it gradually becomes apparent during the film, that he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Despite his condition, he not only won a Nobel prize, but also the Abel prize, the only person ever to have done so. Tragically, both Mr Nash and his wife were killed when the taxi they were travelling in crashed whilst returning from receiving the Abel prize.

Truth be told, everyone enjoyed the film, and would recommend it. The beauty of doing it with this random method, is that we are going to watch movies that in normal circumstances, we would never have bothered with.

Next up is number 72, Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, a review of that and our other movie nights will appear as we watch them, popcorn in hand!

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A hard core sugar rush

17 February 2019

Ever had the candy cigarettes as a kid? You’d stand and pretend to smoke them thinking you was cool before you’d end up giving into temptation and eating it all before drawing out your next candy cigarette and pretending to puff away again? Just like an adult, well how about a new extreme of pretending candyfloss is meth?

For one lady in Georgia it isn’t all fun and jokes with her candyfloss oh no she was in fact arrested when her candyfloss was mistaken for meth, she evidently wanted the hard core sugar rush. The 41 year old spent 3 months in prison due to not being able to afford her £780,000 bond. The candyfloss was tested positive for Methamphetamine which police have since said was due to a defective drug test.

The lady who had purchased the light blue and pink bag of candyfloss, or cotton candy in America, was wrongfully accused of meth trafficking, possession and intent to distribute meth to the public. This led to her 3 month imprisonment in which she stated she had missed out on many special family events such as the birth of her twin grandsons.

Laboratory testing

A state laboratory then tested the candyfloss to reveal that there had in fact been a mistake and the candyfloss was made purely of sugar and food coloring, the lady in question was then released however her record has not been cleared even though she was found innocent of any wrongdoing.

A 2016 an investigation found that cheap drug test kits that are often producing false positives which has resulted in many people being wrongfully jailed. Often labelled as drugs has been mints, cookies, tea and other harmless products! Sounds like it’s safer to cut out the junk food in America and stick to water and vegetables.

How is candyfloss made?

You make candy floss by putting sugar into the drum in the center of the machine. The center machine heats up to 180 degrees centigrade which then pushes the sugar through the mesh of the drum and candyfloss is webbed and formed. In order to change the color of the candyfloss you can add different coloring to the sugar. Here at the office we have thought about adding a powdered alcohol to the sugar to see if we could make alcoholic candyfloss however maybe this is a new market we could look into adding pure colorless methamphetamine powder… I know that the sugar rush and the color pigments can send a child hyper but I wouldn’t have thought a sweet treat you buy from the fairground for your kids would be mistaken for a deadly street drug talk about a hard-core sugar rush.

BBC Article

Ask about how to hire a candy floss cart without the meths addition.

Fun Story

Valentine Surprise For Cheating Girlfriend

14 February 2019
St Valentines Day

14th February is, as I should imagine you know already, St Valentines day. The day reserved for lovers. The day when you give your loved one a Valentine Surprise. However one boyfriend decided to use the day to express his displeasure after discovering his girlfriend had cheated on him.

Handing over a beautifully wrapped gift box, you could see the excitement in her eyes. As she sat back to open the box, he exited the car, deadlocking the doors behind him so that they couldn’t be opened from the inside.

Read The Full Story Here

In the video you can see her reaction, when she opens the box and releases hundreds of cockroaches. She tries to climb through the roof screaming for her boyfriend to let her out, as the little critters spread everywhere.

Check out our desserts, ideal for Valentines day events.

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Churros Cart

9 February 2019

Over the years we have built up quite a large range of catering offerings. From sweet to savoury foods, and hot to cold drinks. For some reason things seem to go in circles with our regular corporate clients. We will have a December, when every other job is chestnuts and mulled wine. The next year that combination is our worst seller.

Churros Cart, One Of Our New Lines

We are always on the look out for new lines to add. Firstly to keep up with trends, but also because our corporate clients like to keep things fresh.

One such line has been churros. For those who have never sampled the delights of churros and hot chocolate, they are a Spanish doughnut. Instead of the traditional ring like we are used to, the churro is a long thin finger doughnut, traditionally served with hot chocolate.

Like many things taken for granted, the history of the snack is unclear, Huffington Post have a nice article on the possible origins, but wherever they come from, they make a great alternative to traditional doughnuts.

Traditionally they are deep fried, we can do this, but we also offer a churros baking system, this is ideal to keep the Health and Safety happy as it doesnt use a large amount of super hot oil.

We supply them on a vintage churros cart, with a range of sauces and dips, including everybody’s favourite, Nutella. Oh, and in line with our environmental policy, we serve them on biodegradable bamboo boats.

We even managed to find a churros recipe for the vegans amongst you.


More Taxes!!!

7 February 2019

Have you ever accidentally drove in a bus lane? Realised that thick white line was there and you’d just crossed into an Instant fine territory? Yessss we’ve all been there in fact on average, in fact fines are given to 178 people driving in a bus lane, every day it’s easily done

However I bet few of you can say that you’ve drove down a bus lane, and turned onto another bus lane on a different street and managed to clock up 2 tickets on the space of two minutes!! Yes that’s right two big whopping fines turned up to the office this Monday morning. Both from a Christmas Chestnut cart job.

Who’s The Culprit

So when the letter turned up in the office accusations and guilt began to spread just who was responsible for driving the company van on the 28th December at  7:23am…With some quick detective skills and narrowing down as to who was in Birmingham that particular day we had found our culprit and after a few rounds of jokes ‘was you driving round with your eyes closed’….’monkeys could be trained to drive better than you’….’did you not see any of the thick white line at all?!?!’ the boss paid the fine.

All jokes aside however more than 2,000 bus lane fines were issued on average per week in Birmingham during the first three months of 2018 and from 2016 to 2018 the number of bus lane cameras in the city has doubled to over 25, now speaking from experience Birmingham is already one of the most difficult towns to drive around, got to watch out for all the lanes, trams, public, red lights, kids and now speed cameras and bus lane cameras even for the most experienced driver this can be a difficult task.

I am happy to say that he only made this mistake one of the three days he was working in Birmingham.

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Cops & Doughnuts

3 February 2019

Its been a longstanding joke, especially if you watch Hollywood movies, that cops & doughnuts are intricately linked.

More evidence of this has emerged with a story about a Krispy Kreme truck catching fire. The lexington Police department in Kentucky posted images on social media, of officers in mourning for the loss of the doughnuts.

Police departments across the nation were quick to offer their condolences, with the University of Kentucky Police Department writing “We feel your loss,” . “We donut what else to say.”

Krispy Kreme Respond

The company joined in the spirit of things with their reply;

Although the police in any country have a difficult job to do, its nice to remember that they are still, human, and a little humour is never a bad thing, so lets all spare a thought for cops & doughnuts.

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Sweet Crime Or Punishment

31 January 2019

Sweet Crime

Life in prison can be tough, it’s a form of capturing and rehabilitating criminals to help keep our streets safe. Prisoners are allowed few comforts, food, warmth, pictures of loved ones.

One of the biggest comforts being Cigarettes. A new law was introduced which revealed that smoking in prisons was being banned however. This is for the health and benefit of everyone involved in prison life. Prisons across England, Scotland and Wales have made a commitment to move towards smoke free prisons as soon as possible in a safe and controlled way

Treats For The Inmates

HMP Kilmarnock in Scotland was the first prison to make headlines for their approach to cutting out the cigarettes. A few days after the ban was introduced prison wardens went round the cells with a bag of popcorn and candy floss for each member. Giving the inmates sweet treats, helping them with their cigarette withdrawal cravings. The next night they took red kola and a word search booklets to the prisoners. It surprised many prisoners to find a bag of goodies waiting for them many joking that they were concerned about the weight may put on now. As a result they’d changed their nicotine fix to a sugar fix.

Much praise greeted this move throughout the legal system, everyone knowing it can be hard to kick a cigarette habit . Especially so in a prison environment, hence the offering of sweet treats. To take their mind off the cravings and hopefully help them. Liam Kerr receiving a negative review on this however. Stating that he felt the justice system would become a laughing stock for offering inmates candyfloss and sweet treats, it’s a prison not a holiday home.

We have given our candyfloss and popcorn out at many different events. To many different people for many different reasons. No one asks us for prisons however. I wonder if this will be a new trial that all prisons offer to inmates. I know I wouldn’t turn down free candyfloss or popcorn ever! Is this a sweet treat or a sweet crime?

View more details in the media.

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Photo Booths

A Unique Photo Booth Entrance To A Speakeasy

28 January 2019

The year 2019, 86 years after the Speakeasy era had ended and alcohol is very much legal. You’d think in the 86 years of modern times and legal alcohol the speakeasy concept would now be a thing of the past… a distant memory… just like the steam engine, the chimney sweep and the workhouses but that’s not the case! In fact the speakeasy concept flourishes so much so that every town and city has some sort of bar on their streets that follow this concept., but none using a unique photo booth like this.

One in particular that caught my attention was the int bar in the Cubao Expo. The idea of a speakeasy bar is that the bar and entrance is hidden – with each bar following this concept, as the visitor it is up to you to sniff out the alcohol in the establishment and how to get on the inside!!!

To the Naked eye this looks like a standard photo booth, the type in a restaurant where after a few drinks you and your friends pluck up the courage to jump in the back of and spend the entire contents of your purse on photos trying to get the right angles and the perfect photo. And believe you me it’s hard to get a strip of photos that would put the Kardashian to shame!

Now to a trained eye (and a regular) at INT. Bar in Cubao Expo you will realise that this photo booth is in fact the entrance to a speakeasy style bar.

One Quirky Entrance

Behind the red curtain lies the entrance to a quirky and characteristic little bar. You start with taking an old fashioned black and white photo of you and your friends and then proceed through the door to take a seat it the speak easy. The bar owned by 4 Cubao Expo regulars covers the concepts and personalities of each member. The photo booth comes from one of the owners love for photography whilst the cocktails (all named after iconic films and actors) was the idea of another.

During my time as both a regular bar and nightclub visitor and an event organiser I have never seen a concept quite like this! What a unique and fun concept for a photo booth and one day I hope to personally visit this bar and take a cheeky photo booth piccy!