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A great Expedition for a small boy

4 December 2019

There is nothing more frustrating than playing on the grabber machines in an arcade…when you spend all your loose change on the stupid bloody machine because each time you get so close you know it’s just going to happen the next time…but it very rarely ever does. You may even get so frustrated you try rocking or booting the machine. But the designers was one step ahead of you they made it impossible to cheat your way to a prize. 

Yes this game is purely about luck and how much spare change you have to keep playing and trying your luck. However one three year old boy had an idea how to cheat his way to a prize. He ventured into the machine in order to grab a toy from inside with his own hands instead of the claw. 


Noah and his twin brother was on a visit to a play centre in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire when their mother turned her back for a second to hear the screams of other people their asking if that was her son, when she turned back round she seen Noah inside the machine. In the hopes of trying to get himself a toy he was now lodged in the machine. 

Funfair Grabber

The rescue lasted 10 minutes having to break three padlocks and prising the machine open to reveal the three year old child. The machine was then delivered an out of order notice so no one else could challenge the machine that day. The grabber was owned and installed into the arcade of the play area by a third party so they didn’t have the key to rescue him meaning that they had to break the padlocks with tools to be able to help him break free  

Noah had gotten himself lodged in the crane machine and couldn’t move to retrieve a teddy. This was a great Expedition for a small boy. I have to say though hats off to the young lad for his determination and skill to think outside the box…or should we say inside the box haha.

An hilarious expedition for a young lad.

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