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Son’s Of Amazon offer a caffeine buzz

29 April 2019

Do you know what the most used drug is? No not marijuana, not cocaine or pills surprisingly but caffeine. It seems that everyone both young and old crave that Caffeine Buzz

I’m sure you’re not unfamiliar with that caffeine buzz, the restlessness, the increased heartbeat, the nausea the sweaty palms and the inability to fall asleep all from one cup of coffee. And if you want a quicker buzz then you go for the espresso option the short black coffee option. But the more you drink the more you build up a tolerance.

Caffeine Buzz

Coffee lovers might remember when they first started drinking coffee and the kick they got from it but now they have to scour the shops to find a blend of coffee that still offers a kick in one cup. The sweet coffee smell the strong bitter taste well the search is finally over. A company called Sons Of Amazon claim to be the owners of the strongest coffee in the UK.

A standard 8oz cup of coffee is said to have around 110mg of caffeine but Sons of Amazon’s coffee blend has four times that amount with their motto reading ‘Strong enough to wake the dead’ you know that this coffee is going to be strong enough to blow your socks off.

The Brains Behind The Coffee

Eric Witham is the brains behind the coffee stating that not only well known for the strength his coffee is also ethically sourced with no chemicals being used to increase the substances in the roasting process. Witham is said to have tested many different coffee beans from different farms before deciding on the best.

Despite being over 100% stronger than the standard cup of coffee it is advertised on the website as being anything but horrifically bitter. After looking at some of the reviews online I am now off to order myself a bag for the long days and nights you face in the event industry I now feel like my body has become too immune to caffeine and I have to have a few cups throughout the day to get the old affect so hopefully this can restore my faith and bring back a caffeine kick experience.

Some customer reviews read;

“Didn’t know what to expect from a coffee claiming to be so strong but I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. Great tasting coffee with a caffeine kick that will keep you going throughout the day. Will 100% buy again and recommend to friends. “

Whilst another review stated ;

“Surprisingly smooth for something so strong. (There’s definitely a joke in there somewhere…. about liking my men the way I like this coffee) Will definitely buy again.”

You can purchase a packet of these coffee beans on Amazon.

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There was a tree surgeon who ate a goldfish

24 April 2019

Have you heard the old wives rhyme, There was an old woman who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly, but no one knows where it came from or if its true… well a new  one I heard this week was There was an old tree surgeon who swallowed a goldfish, I don’t know why he swallowed a goldfish.

The tree surgeon decided at a fun fair that he would swallow his girlfirends prize fish that she had just won and wash it down with half a pint. His girlfriend filmed the incident and then posted the video onto social media primarily her snapchat story with the caption “He ate my fish”.

Snapchat Video

The snapchat video was a 14 second clip that showed the tree surgeon holding the very real and live fish in his palm before he then put it in his mouth and swallowed the fish and then taking a large swig of his beer.

At the end of the video you can then see him opening his mouth to show the viewers that the fish has gone and he sticks his tongue out to prove that he has swallowed the innocent live animal whole.

The video was filmed in Bridgewater Carnival in Somerset in September. Once the video had been shared it spread very fast and was then reported to the RSPCA by all the concerned viewers.

The Tree Surgeon was named as Josh Coles from Devon. He was ordered to appear at Exeter Magistrates court where he then admitted to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a project animal, he initially denied the charge, but changed his plea to guilty to avoid the trial. The magistrate stated that the goldfish would have experienced stress and unnecessary suffering as it was eaten alive with no other outcome than deDe

There was an old tree surgeon who swallowed a goldfish and then entered denial

Coles tried to deny that any animal had been harmed and stated that it was just a stunt for social media and he hadn’t swallowed it. He then claimed that the fish which had been won at the fair was already half dead.

Fish are a traditional prize that can be won at the fair on many of the different game stalls. The fish usually come with a small plastic fish tank, stones and fish food. All fish that are won at the fairground have been properly looked after in the weeks leading up to the fair coming to town. The favoured prize by many of the kids who visit the fair love winning a pet. It is a horror that a grown adult would then find fun in this by swallowing it.

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Man Lost His Car After A Night Out In The Town

21 April 2019

A man from Ripley lost his car after a night out in the town. He found it the next day surrounded by a fairground. After driving into town for a night out, and having one too many drinks he then made a conscious decision to leave his car parked and find an alternative way home. He did not however expect to go back the next day to pick his car up and find that the fairground had come into town and was setting up in that exact location. Much to everyone’s amusement the car was found in the center of the fairground and the rides had been built up around the parked car.

There is nothing worse than waking up after a heavy night drinking to the worst hangover, the kind where you want to lay in bed all day and pop paracetamol to shake the headache off and eat your body weight in junk food to make you feel better but for poor forty five year old Martin Ross he had to get up and trek back into town to pick up his white Lexus and bring it home.

I could only imagine the fear you must feel when you drag your hungover body to town to walk down the street to find your car parking spot has turned into a full funfair. He said that after the initial scare had worn off he actually found it quite funny. When he was walking down the street and realised the fair was there he said his first thought was that his car had either been clamped or towed away. So once he located the car and realized it was still there and untouched he began to laugh.

Funfair workers find it funny

The fair workers found it a very funny situation but helped watch him out with the car. The car managed to escape by mounting the kerb and squeezing in between a tree and bus shelter.

Martin did manage to snap a quick photo of the cars situation to send to his friends and family. One of his friends immediately posted the funny photo and story to a social media page. ‘Spotted in Ripley’ Facebook page and received a lot of attention. One comment said how they thought it was absolutely brilliant, how a man from Ripley lost his car after a night out in the town. They also added how it made their ribs hurt from laughing so much when finding out.

Moral Of The Story of man from Ripley lost his car after a night out in the town

I think the moral of the story here is to make sure that when you’re parking the car for a night out make sure to check any events in the area the next day!! There’s nothing worse than a hangover, losing your car and having a fairground playing loud music around you.

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Crazy Popcorn Pilot

12 April 2019

Pakistan is home to a Crazy Popcorn Pilot who has recently been arrested for testing a homemade ‘flying machine’.

Muhammad Fayaz is a popcorn seller and part time security man. After watching the National Geographic Air Crash Investigation he said to be inspired to make his own aeroplane. Fayaz used all his savings, sold some of his land and took out a bank loan in order to pay for the build. Once the aircraft had been built he then proceeded to test the machine out in front of a crowd of around 500 people without the approval of the proper aviation authorities which then led to his arrest and the confiscation of the aircraft. The aircraft weighed around 95kg and cost an equivalent of £270 to build it was also stated that the plane would fly around 1,000 feet high.

Statement From The crazy Popcorn Pilot

The Crazy Popcorn Pilot issued a statement that said he had been told to contact the CAA (Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority) in order to be granted permission to test flight his aircraft however he did not do this he also said that he is a patriotic Pakistani who has worked hard to make the aircraft and informed all the correct departments however never heard back from them.

Having attracting large crowds to watch he reportedly used a length of road that was clear and free of any obstacle’s or debris as a runway to test his plane. It was at this event that he was later arrested for building the aircraft without permission, testing it without the proper safety precautions. Fayaz was only taken into protective custody and the aircraft detained in order to protect everyone.  

After The Release

After his release Fayaz told the papers that had decided to make the pane around 4 years ago and spent three years planning the build before taking a year and half to start and finish building it. He also put many months of research into this having visiting local airports multiple times in order to look at their planes, the design they followed and the material that had been used on them. He also researched the function of different parts and how the mechanics work. Fayaz carried out many experiments with materials and engines until he found light sufficient equipment that would be strong enough and powerful enough to use for the plane.

His family were said to have made fun of this ‘crazy popcorn pilot’ idea however did not deter him and supported him. Since his release he has contacted the army and the prime minister to tell them of how he can produce cheap and sufficient planes for them and to the government to help him get his detained plane back.

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Golden Doughnut

6 April 2019
Gold color doughnut covered in sugar with lady holding the doughnut with red nail varnish

700 whole British pounds is a fair bit of money, I mean into perspective if you was to donate £700 to Unicef it would pay for 12 health workers that would be able to provide life-saving care for children. £700 could be a month’s rent, could be the down payment on a holiday or just help to cover them pesky bills that return to your doorstep every month!  

Or alternatively you could spend your £700 on a dozen golden doughnuts. That works out at like £58.33 per doughnut.  Now for your overly priced doughnut you don’t just get a krispy Kreme standard delight oh no you get a doughnut made with Cristal Champagne, with 24-carat gold leaf decoration and gold dust.

The Golden Doughnut

The doughnut sparkles and glimmers in the glass cabinet just beckoning you to part with your hard earned cash. The designer of this very exclusive and just a tad overpriced doughnut is Björn Delacruz a chef at the Manila Social Club restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The creator explained that his doughnut is more than an ‘extravagance’ it is the “ultimate celebration of love for generous people with expensive taste, and that it’s usually the case that the people purchasing these doughnuts is for a special somebody”

The golden flake doughnut made headlines when it was featured in the magazine First We Feast with comments about the contrast between the expensive donuts being on sale in a city with thousands of hungry people. Delacruz felt attacked at negatives comments about his doughnuts and said that the gold flakes is a gimmick that projects something special and allows people to treat the special people in their lives to something nice.  

Personally if I had a spare £700 laying around id spend it on a dozen of these little gold beauty’s purely to show off to my friends. I’d probably save a couple in air tight containers and display them around my home because for £700 I’d want something to show for it!!!

Read The Story Of The Golden Doughnut Here.

Our Company

We may not offer the all time exclusive Golden dust doughnuts but we do offer the tasty golden dinky donuts that’s perfect to serve at your event. With a number of different toppings such as syrup, sugar, chocolate sauce and strawberry sauce you can decorate your golden doughnuts any way you like.


Who Doesn’t Love A Gin

3 April 2019
Different Brands of Gin

Who doesn’t love a gin, in them fancy gin glasses with all the trimmings, the berries, the cucumbers the refreshing fruity flavours you can get. A pink gin and lemonade is my go to drink at any social gathering, in fact hell if I could drink it all the time without being judged or ushered into an AA meeting I would! In fact I’m such a big gin fan that for Christmas I received a Gin advent calendar from my mam and to date that’s still the best present I’ve ever received in both my child and adult life, 25 different brands and flavours to divulge in and try.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Gin

In fact the first time I tried gin was whilst on holiday in Ibiza, sun sea sand and gin. Holliday’s and Gin are two of life’s best offers so imagine combining them and earning money whilst doing so. No…no you’re not dreaming this is a job! Travel the world and drink gin.

The gin connoisseur of companies Bombay Sapphire and Inception group have joined together to create a once in a lifetime job experience.  They have advertised for a global ambassador (to me and you this is an expert gin consumer) who will have the opportunity to travel to places around the globe including Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon.

The job has been designed to help celebrate the opening of a new bar called Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration, that is a bar designed around Phileas Fogg’s 80 Day Trip around the globe. The aim is to go around the globe like Fogg did and try different gins In each location. To ensure that you don’t get lonely on this amazing trip you are allowed to take a plus one providing they like gin

Social Media

Whilst on this trip you are expected to post your journey on social media, document it on a blog, sharing photos and what’s going on in each place, you’ll also be expected to collect fancy and different botanicals and research different cocktails from each place along the way But lets face it you’ll be documenting every aspect of your jet set lifestyle trip just to show off to all your family and friends stuck at home in their boring 9-5 job.

The job vacancy advertisement didn’t describe much however it did say that the chosen candidate will need to be skilled in social media, photography, writing, exploring and loving gin obviously. They will also have to know the two brands inside and out and have a valid 1 year passport, the job covers three months and will need your constant devotion.

Read The Story Here

As much as this does sound too good to be true for everyone apart from the two chosen lucky winners we do offer an alternative. Our portable gin bar, full of unique gin flavours such as pink, African truffle and rhubarbs & pear. We also offer a selection of mixers with both tonics and lemonade and a number of spritzy garnishes, and although you can’t travel the world with it we do travel anywhere in the uk to you to ensure that your next event can be covered by a superb gin bar.

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Photo-booth Project To Re-home Sheltered Dogs

31 March 2019

A Photographer from an animal rescue and adoption organization in the U.S started to use photo booth style images to re-home sheltered dogs. The idea came from photographer Guinnevere Shuster who is known for helping black dogs to get adopted. The aim is to show potential adopters what the dog would really look like if you allowed them into your home and to show them naturally rather than posed or behind caged doors which they currently live in. Who’d have thought that a photo booth helps to re home dogs

Trying to capture the dogs special and individual personality is a hard task however Shuster managed to do this perfectly by using a photo booth layout making the photo booth project to re-home sheltered dogs a huge success story.

More and more dogs are being found abandoned or being returned to the shelter for a number of reasons, for example when circumstances change it may mean that a family doesn’t have time to look after the family dog anymore and therefore want to put the dog up for adoption in a hope that they will find their forever homes. The photos produced are meant to help the dogs to look friendlier and show their full potential as a loving and fun addition to the home.

Records show that with these new photo booth style images 93.26% of the dogs are now finding new homes which is a record high for the humane society of Utah dog shelter.

The photo booth style portraits show four individual images of the dogs and come with a personal description of each animal. Here are some examples of the portraits:

Lady – Been Adopted

doberman dog in 4 different images.

“We’re pretty sure a few cartoon artist have used LADY as their muse. This seemingly aloof wallflower actually loves attention after spending a few minutes getting to know you. LADY is a four year old Doberman Pincher. Dobermans are known to be good natured, extreme loyalty, highly intelligent, and have great trainability”

Andie – Been Adopted

Boxer dog with four different expressions

“Looking for someone to keep up with you on the trail, who can make you smile first thing when you wake up in the mornings? You should probably come meet Andie! This 3 year old Boxer mix is a great catch! Not only is she incredibly athletic and great at playing fetch and tug… she also knows her basic commands like sit, stay, down and leave it, AND she LOVES kids”


Man Is Capable Of Wonderful Dreams

27 March 2019

But Also Dark Nightmares.

For a number of years I would choose a family holiday around where my young daughter wanted to visit. Usually they would revolve around some school project she was involved with. When studying the Romans, we ended up in Rome, during an art project, Barcelona to visit Anton Gaudi’s work.

It rolled around to them doing a project about the holocaust, during which she learnt about Anne Franks. That year we took her to Amsterdam, one of my favourite cities, to visit the Anne Franks house. I remember calling there on honeymoon, at the time it was basically the original house. When we called this time it had been built into a museum. As we were exiting, we noticed a display on the wall concerning the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz. She turned to me and asked if I would take her there.

As soon as we had some time spare, I arranged a few days in Krakow, and booked a days excursion to Auschwitz. Krakow was lovely, and the people really friendly. On the morning we were due to visit the camp, I had arranged a private taxi and driver so that we could follow our own itinerary, and not be rushed about.

Into Auschwitz – Birkenau

Image of the entrance to the Auschwitz death camp
The Infamous Entrance To Auschwitz

The camp itself was a brooding intense place. The one stand out memory was the quiet. Not from the visitors who were being properly respectful. But from the lack of any of natures usual chorus. We didn’t hear any birdsong, not a tweet or chirp of an insect. It was as if nature itself sensed the enormity of what had transpired at that terrible place and either avoided it, or refused to give song within its boundaries.

Some of the rooms had been made into exhibits. These alone were heartbreaking. A room filled to the ceiling of children’s shoes. Another filled with false legs. When you think what proportion of the general population had false legs, you realised how many people they had to kill to fill a large room with them.

Shoes Stripped From Dead Children

We took many pictures there, and couldn’t look at a lot of them until much later. The picture below was to my mind the most poignant. It was placed at the end of the railway tracks leading onto the camp. Only small, about perhaps 10 inches high, with nothing to say who had placed it there or what it represented. I didn’t really understand what it was until much later. Looking at it one day, I suddenly realised it was a mother and father holding a child’s hands between them. The camp guide had told us that the railway siding had been where the inmates would have been together as a family for the last time. Before they were segregated and some sent to the gas chambers, others to be worked to death.

A Small Symbol Of Two Parents Holding A Child’s Hands

I think that visiting Auschwitz is something everyone should try and undertake at least once during their lifetime. To see just what horrors mankind is capable of inflicting upon itself.

The plaque below sums up the unimaginable numbers involved in the whole process. Evidently the small stones placed on it are a Jewish tradition. An explanation of this can be found here.

The Plaque Placed In The Death Camp
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Boozy Donuts

24 March 2019
Close Up of Donuts with multi colored sprinkles on top.

What could possibly be better than donuts? What about… Boozy Donuts Yesss that’s right some genius has come up with donut’s infused with alcohol. Dirrty Doughnuts in Liverpool has created the coolest donuts with the naughty little filling. I have never been so supportive of anything in my entire life. It’s genuinely the best mash up of the world’s best treats on offer all rolled up into one. You can now get fat and drunk at the same time.  

The Dirrty Doughnuts café offers a number of different choices such as an Irish special Guinness infused frosted glaze, cheeky Jack Daniels and coke, and a White Chocolate Espresso Martin flavour.

The Co-founder Jemma Clark has stated that she’s always found donuts as being a form art work and that a simple addition of colourful icing and a few sprinkles here and there can create such an appealing visual to the potential muncher!

The creators hope that the doughnuts become a novelty and stand out against the average cupcake and birthday cake.  I can’t see it taking off for the under 18’s birthday party’s somehow but imagine the possibilities for hen parties, birthdays and stag doos! All the fun of getting drunk and eating so you don’t have to call at McDonald’s on your way home.

Americas Boozy Donuts

In America a donut shop called The Doughnut Project have launched a cocktail menu full of cocktail alcoholic donuts that’s available in store every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a five week program to see if it will be a hit. Each of the Donuts consist of enough booze to give you a kick without being too sickly and sweet.

Some examples of the most popular boozy donuts on the menu is the

 NoMad bar Doughnut, The ingredients are bourbon, rum, Strega, honey, ginger, lemon, and orange bitters.

The Bennett Doughnut, which includes Cachaca, pineapple, banana liquor, falernum and gardenia mix.

And the all-time favorite Death and Co. Doughnut, which includes the best things in life: coffee, doughnuts, and alcohol. It’s made with rum, Punt e Mes, cold brew, vanilla, and tonic.

Makes our delicious hot fresh doughnuts for weddings seem a bit tame.

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Tips For Planning A Wedding

21 March 2019

Planning a wedding is one of the hardest tasks you’ll undertake. With so much to think about such as the venue, budget, food, the guest list. How to make it special, flowers, color schemes, bridesmaid’s? This can seem an impossible task however I hope these 10 tips for planning a wedding will help all the brides to be. 

Start Planning Early

If you have set the day of the wedding and saved your date it is then time to begin planning. Even if your wedding is three years away in 2022 it is never too early to get on top of the planning and contact suppliers for what you want. Starting early can insure that you get everything you want and remain relatively stress free. The sooner the better. We have brides and grooms contacting us and placing bookings for one of our services such as the catering or the photography years in advance to ensure that were not already booked out that day. Our candyfloss and ice cream carts are always a lovely addition to a summer wedding. Something unique for the guests to make your wedding more memorable. Or maybe some mulled wine or luxury hot chocolate for a winter wedding? Book soon to avoid disappointment.

Setting A Budget.

British pound sign made up of individual pound coins

Budgets are very important for weddings especially with hidden costs that can just creep upon you. You and your partner need to sit down and crunch some numbers to get a set budget that you can set aside for your wedding. Don’t forget hidden expenses such as dress alterations, beauty expenses and gifts for bridesmaids, flowers, the venue, music, invites and all the other costly things for a wedding.

Book The Best Photographer You Can

wedding photographer

Your wedding album and other photos will be the main way that you will remember your big day for the rest of your life, so you’ll want to make sure that you find the best one in the industry. Make sure to see some of their previous work to see if it fits the standard and style that you dreamed of for your future wedding album, you could also ask friends and family who they may have used so you can get real reviews from people or ask the venue who they may work with to find a good deal.

There are many ways in the wedding to capture the special moments. Your photographer and videographer will capture the main bulk and every second of the day. As it is now the 21st century and guests will have mobile phones these will also capture the day I’m sure they’ll be many snaps and Instagram posts of your guests enjoying themselves and of course the bride and groom. Many weddings also enjoy a photo booth. We provide a number of different photo booths for weddings, from your standard photo booth in a box to the more unique ones like a taxi cab photo booth or an only fools and horses three wheel van.

Select A Theme

The theme doesn’t have to be an actual theme it could just be a colour scheme, but once decided on it will be easier to design your wedding around this for example table decorations and flowers you can match up with the colour scheme. Alternatively themes you could use for your wedding is chic, boho, festivals, vintage, wild west themed, whimsical, southern inspired, modern or traditional.  

Create The Guest List

wedding invite with the words you are invited and a red ribbon design round the outside

This is usually a very stressful task so maybe better to get it over and done with quickly. You will need to sit with your partner and family to create the list of who you would like to be at your special day. This will need to referenced with how many people your venue can hold. Some people start with the guest list first and then try to find a venue that will hold the same as the number of guests they have planned to invite. The list may also need to cut down, decide who can have plus ones or if you’re going to invite kids to your wedding.

Give Your Groom Some Responsibility

Your hubby to be may not have been planning this day since he could walk and talk buuuut he will definitely have opinions and preferences and some of his own ideas. Remember its not just your day and that its also about him too so let him have some say maybe he wants to choose what’s on the menu or helping to organise the budgets or even the music and venue. We have had weddings where the bride has secretly booked the Only Fools and Horses photo booth for their Del boy fanatic husbands.

Accept You Can’t Please Everyone

This is yours and your partners wedding, no matter what you do make sure that you and your husband to be are happy with the arrangements. Sometimes other members of the family get involved and sometimes it can lead to disputes trying to please everyone. This is your time to be selfish. Make sure that the plans are your own and what you and your husband to be are happy with.

Be Prepared

In the famous words of the girl scout motto be prepared! Write down a list of things that could possibly go wrong at the wedding. Make a plan to get round this. This way if anything was to happen you’d be prepared to handle this like a boss. It wouldn’t ruin your day or stress you out. For example make a box of necessities such as a needle and thread of every colour available for any misshaps with dresses or suits, bobby pins, deodorant, pens, flip flops, plasters, extra cash, pens and paper and safety pins.

Food Food Food

Choose the menu that both you and your groom will enjoy, don’t worry too much about everyone else’s opinions and dietary requirements because trying to please everyone will be too hard. Make sure there is food at all times of the day for example the wait from the church to going into the meal can be a long time without food, or after the meal when the party starts it can be a hungry time later in the night maybe have snacks or a late night barbecue on offer for them. We offer a number off different fun finger foods to keep hunger at bay such as crepes, hire hot dog carts, popcorn, donuts and ice cream.

Bride and Groom figurines on top of wedding cake

Finally Remind Yourself What’s Truly Important

Try not to do anything wedding related two weeks prior to the wedding. This will help you to clear your mind and make sure that you can enjoy every part of the big day that you have planned. When the planning is getting on top of you do one thing at a time, maybe create a checklist and try and check one thing of each week or month to make planning easier.  Make sure you keep the big picture in mind, their will undoubtedly be argument’s, stressful times and difficult times throughout the whole planning of the wedding but remember that at the end of it you will be married and be husband and wife and live happily ever after…