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Weird And Wonderful Rides

23 June 2023

Rides around the world have been steadily getting bigger, faster, more daring, pulling more G’s and so on. Most countries have similar rides at carnivals and fairs, but there are some Weird and wonderful contraptions around the world. A few are listed below, we can’t see them appearing at your local fair anytime soon.

Nothin But Net
Nothin But Net

Nothin But Net

The concept behind this one is simple, take riders a 100 feet into the air, them drop them into the net below. A special harness is meant to ensure they land on their backs, but as 1 expert put it, ‘Nothing is foolproof.’



This one is probably good for the environment. Basically it is a pedal powered roller coaster. So the riders actually have to do some work to use it.

Human Trebuchet
Human Trebuchet

Human Trebuchet

Transforming a medieval weapon into an amusement ride, is something only a truly twisted genius could find a good idea. About £60 a go, you are basically shot out of the sling towards a net. Sadly in 2002 a rider managed to miss the net and was killed.

Devils Disc
Devils Disc

Devils Disc

This one actually was a ride over here many years ago. We can remember riding this at Redcar amusement park. Its a disc that everyone sits on. The disc starts to spin and gradually picks up speed, until it reaches the point where everyone is flung off.

In conclusion some of the weird and wonderful rides range from amusing to downright deranged. Would you really allow yourself to be shot out of a trebuchet and hope the net catches you?

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Zamperla, A Manufacturer Profile

12 April 2023
Zamperla Logo

Another in our regular series looking at amusement ride builders throughout the world. The Italian company of Zamperla S.p.A. based in VicenzaVeneto, is a little different to many of the other big names out there. There range not only encompasses the giant roller coasters of many of their competitors. It also included more funfair orientated travelling rides, again matching others in their market, but they also build a range of tiny coin operated rides. The kind you find in a supermarket or shopping center.


Their history dates back over a century, to when, like many ride manufacturers, they were actually operators. Originally travelling an equestrian circus, before becoming one of the first operators of a street cinema in Italy.

Zamperla Cinema
Zamperla Cinema

Mr. Antonio Zamperla, founder of the company, realised that many of the larger amusement rides, such as the dodgems, could be recreated in smaller versions for the children. Indeed the ‘Mini Scooters’ or bumper cars for kids was one of their early successful lines. Leading to a host of repackaged attractions for the smaller clients visiting fairs.

Of course they have a range of adult rides to complement the children’s attractions.

Arrival Stateside

In 1976, the company arrived in Montreal, before moving to New Jersey to establish a sales office and spare parts warehouse operation.

The company provided some seven, out of the initial 12 rides that were installed in Euro Disney, a feather in the cap by any yardstick.

In 2005 the founder of the company, Mr. Antonio Zamperla, became the first Italian to be inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame 

Antonio Zamperla
Antonio Zamperla

Roller Coasters

The company also boasts an impressive resume in roller coasters. Though they did tend to specialise more in attractions that could be dismantled and travelled. Over the years they have built some 368 coasters and counting.



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A Manufacturer Profile, Bertazzon 3B

3 April 2023

I sometimes think that half of the funfair rides manufactured around the world are built by Italian companies. Todays quick profile is based on the Treviso based company of Bertazzon 3B.

Started by three brothers Luigi, Ferruccio and Marcello Bertazzon in 1951. They quickly moved into producing dodgem tracks and go-karts.

By 1963 the company was formally established, as Bertazzon 3B (for 3 brothers).

Modern Production

The company now is a major player in the ride production world, with Carousels, dodgems, dark rides, the Matterhorn, flying chairs and rail rides amongst others.

The company is, to use a modern buzz word, vertically integrated. All this means is that they pretty much produce everything they need in house. Some small stuff such as galvanising is done by outside contractors, but pretty much everything else they design and build themselves.

Dodgem Cars

One thing that Bertazzon do seem to stand out for is the breadth of dodgem cars they produce. Not just a couple of different styles with a range of paint jobs, they have some pretty unique stuff available, and seem open to the idea of building custom cars for clients.

They also produce a ‘drifting’ car, which as the name suggests drifts like a rally car when a button is pressed.


Bertazzon Website

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New Equipment, Spill Kits

29 March 2023
Oil Convertor Spray

Most of our equipment is powered by electricity. Many items such as the funfair rides can’t connect to a standard household supply, and require generators to run them.

Generators tend to run from diesel fuel. There are a handful of smaller ones that run from LPG tanks, and occasionally a petrol powered example. But by and large diesel is the fuel of choice.

Unfortunately when you have generators containing diesel, and quite possibly additional diesel in storage drums, there is the potential for spillage. When diesel spills it spreads, a lot. A couple of litres can cover a wide area depending on the surface type.

Spill Kits

To insure against the risks of spillages, we have just added spill clean up kits to all of our generators, and a couple of portable units for use with contracted in suppliers.

Fuel Spill Clean Up Kit
Fuel Spill Clean Up Kit

A selection of products are contained, starting with plug and dike putty which is designed to harden on contact with fuel to plug the leaks. A selection of absorbent socks to dam fuel from flowing into drains or watercourses. Absorbent granules and pads to soak up the spill. and a spray containing bacteria that converts oil or fuel into CO2 and sugar to clean the traces of the spill up.

Oh and handy plastic gloves and refuse sacks to keep you clean whilst you dispose of everything. And a handy instruction sheet to allow anyone to use the kit.

Spill Kit Instructions
Spill Kit Instructions

Oh and just in case you are wondering, about step one referring to Fred Miller. Well, he is one of the team who is possessed by the spirit of Frank Spencer of Some Mothers Do Have Em fame. If we ever have a major diesel spill, Fred will be involved somehow. He will have tripped and pulled a pipe off, or pressed the wrong button or something.

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Hamburger Dom, A Major Fair

23 March 2023

Many of the funfairs around the world have a long and storied history. Some started as feast days, other ‘hirings’ where able bodied men presented themselves for potential work.

Today’s post is the world famous Hamburg Dom, which dates from the 11th Century. The whole shebang started when the old Mariendom cathedral was used as a shelter by the local merchants and entertainers. This was a tradition which lasted centuries, until the cathedral was demolished in 1804.

The merchants remained ‘homeless’ until 1893 when a new location was found for them in the Heiligengeistfeld event space in St Pauli district.

The name Dom is the only link to the days in the old Cathedral or ‘Dom’ in German.

Hamburg Dom Fair
Hamburg Dom Fair

Originally a winter market was held on the site. In the 30’s a spring market was added to help ease local merchants through the economic crisis. Post World War 2 a summer market was introduced as well.

Nowadays Hamburg DOM is the largest fair in Northern Germany and the longest running in the country with three seperate 30 day events. Like many modern events the fair is primarily a fun fair with a huge selection of modern rides, games and food outlets, over 200 in all, definitely putting up around the top of the major European events.

Modern Attractions At Hamburg
Modern Attractions At Hamburg

The events have a tradition that Wednesday’s are family days, where special rates are on offer for kids. Every Friday night they offer hugh firework displays.

The summer DOM hosts rainbow day, to coincide with Pride week, including a separate parade through the fairground.

Hamburg Food

Like many European fairs, food is a big part. Hamburg being known for Schmalzkuchen, it’s famous fried bite sized doughnuts, also roast almonds, currywurst and sauerkraut.

Over 60 stalls serving these treats along with the usual fare of coffee, candy floss etc. Oh, and one major difference between the UK and European funfairs, is that they tend to serve beer, mulled wine and other alcoholic beverages.



Hamburg Dom Website

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Tivoli Park Denmark

18 March 2023
Tivoli HC Anderson Castle

One of the worlds oldest amusement parks. Tivoli dates from 15 August 1843, when Georg Carstensen first opened the park after being granted permission by the King.

Originally it consisted of exotic and enchanting gardens that amongst other visitors so impressed one Hans Christian Anderson that he was inspired to write the fairytale, the Nightingale.

1844 The Tivoli Boys Guard

Constantly on the lookout for new ideas, Carstensen introduced the Honorary guard. From small beginnings this grew to not only become a cultural icon, but also evolved into a musical education centre for children.

Tivoli Youth Guard
Tivoli Youth Guard

Carstensen sadly only ran the park for five years. Leaving in 1848 when he enlisted to fight in the war against Prussia. This led to him being fired by the Tivoli board citing breach of contract. On his return to Denmark in 1857 he founded a rival park at Alhambra in Frederiksberg in competition with Tivoli. He didn’t actually get to see this one in operation, dying from pneumonia at the age of 44.

1874 The Peacock Theatre

Erected in 1874 the current theatre is the oldest building in the park, and protected by law. A bit like our listed buildings. The theatre has the motto “Shared joy with the people”, engraved above the stage in Chinese letters.

Hans Lumbye, the composer was in charge of the music from the start of the park. A violinist and prolific composer, he put together some 800 pieces of music. Known in some places as the ‘Strauss of the North’, he composed the world famous Champagne Galop. Touring with his orchestra during the Winter months, he sadly died the same year the theatre opened.

Tivoli Peacock Theatre
Tivoli Peacock Theatre

The Restaurant WIVEL, later called Wivex became a notorious water hole for a group of infamous First World War profiteers. Later the national broadcaster used it to broadcast dinner concerts. Eventually it closed in the 1960’s.

Willem Van De Poll

1914 Tivoli Roller Coasters

Tivoli had a roller coaster in 1842, a seven second thrill ride.

Tivoli First Roller Coaster
Tivoli First Roller Coaster

In 1914, the new coaster was opened. Called Rutschebanen (or roller coaster in English), this is still operating today, making it one of the oldest wooden coasters in existence. Up until the installation of moderner cars, it actually had brakemen riding in each car to slow it on turns and downhill.

Tivoli 1914 Coaster
Tivoli 1914 Coaster


During World War Two, the park suffered two unfortunate instances of sabotage, when pro Nazi Danes snuck into the park after it closed and planted a number of fire bombs. Extensive damage was caused and the park was closed for two weeks whilst the damage was rectified.

1951 Walt Disney Visits

The first Disneyland was opened in California in 1955. Walt Disney, its founder paid a number of visits to the Tivoli park in 1951. He enjoyed the ambience of the park and was hoping to impart something similar to his own park.

Today the park has in excess of four million visitors per year. Making it the second most visited seasonal amusement park in the world, and the biggest in Scandinavia.


Tivoli Park

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Vekoma, A Manufacturer Profile

8 March 2023

In 1926 Hendrik op het Veld formed Veld Koning Machinefabriek (Veld Koning Machine Factory). This was abbreviated to Vekoma, and another legendary Dutch ride builder was created.

Only inline with many amusement ride manufacturers, it actually wasn’t. Originally it built farm equipment, and equipment for the mining industry.

After the 1956 closure of the Dutch mining industry, the company switched to producing pipework for the petrochemical industry.

1970’s And The Move Into The Entertainment Industry

The US based roller coaster manufacturer Arrow Dynamics contracted Vekoma to build the steel work for their European rides in the 70’s. As demand in Europe increased Vekoma eventually licensed the technology from Arrow and began building rides in their own right with 3 coasters being produced in 1979.

Super Wirbel
Super Wirbel, Vekoma’s First Own Brand Coaster

Named the Super Wirbel the first coaster was an inverted double corkscrew installed in Holiday Park, Hassloch Germany. Two of the first riders were the German Formula 1 drivers Rolf Stommelen and Harald Ertl , eventually they produced 7 examples. They went on the produce the Invertigo, Boomerang and Whirlwind coasters.

Alliance With Chance Morgan

In 2006 they formed an alliance with the USA based manufacturer Chance Morgan, with Chance building the steelwork for the coasters. They produced four in total during this period.

Acquisition Of Bussink Wheels Of Excellence

Vekoma acquired the Wheels of Excellence range from Ronald Bussink, whereby Bussink would continue to build the 100 metre wheels and Vekoma would build wheels in the smaller 40-80 metre market. They terminated the agreement with Chance in 2012, but licensed the R60 metre wheel to a new offshoot of chance called Chance American Wheels.

Vekoma Wheel
Vekoma Wheel, A 50 Metre Wheel Operated At 6 Flags Park In Darien Lake

Madhouse And SkyShuttle

Vekoma also manufacture a couple of other attractions. The most curious in the aptly named mad house. Designed to give the riders the illusion of weightlessness and spinning upside down. In actuality, it is an updated version of the ‘Rib Tickler’, a ride that graced British fairgrounds in the 80’s, though never presented as well as the Vekoma version.

The other is the SkyShuttle. Raising riders upto 50 metres into the sky with a gently rotating gondola, the ride allows spectacular views over the full site.


Acquisition By Sensei Technologies

In 2018 Vekoma was acquired by Sansei Technologies a Japanese based company who specialises in both Amusement rides and elevators. The agreement was that Vekoma would continue to be run as a separate entity, so hopefully the brand will continue.

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Hire Funfair Dodgems Throughout The UK

2 March 2023

When it comes to rides, you really need to hire funfair dodgems. Nothing comes close for fun, and it is equally suitable for younger kids, as well as grandparents. Over time we have been asked many questions regarding dodgem hire, so we are listing a few of the most common here.

One of the most asked questions is can I hire dodgems near me.

We cover the full UK, so rides are available for events wherever you are.

Are dodgems suitable for a wedding?

Yes, they are a ride that most everyone loves, from kids through to the elderly, they are a definite hit at weddings.

How big are they?

They range in size from smaller version of the traditional English type track at around 50ft by 50ft. To the larger continental tracks at 75ft by 55ft. There has been an occasional track upto 100ft in length, but these tend to be far too much work for most short events.

How much do they cost?

It is impossible to give a definite answer because it depends on which type of track, where in the UK, when the event is etc. Roughly they will be between £1600 and £2500

How long do they take to set up?

The older build up tracks can be upto around 8 hours. Some of the more modern tracks have been built for high speed set up and can be as little as 3 hours.

Do they come with music.

Yes all of our tracks have music, lights and a top cover for use in the rain.

Can they be set up indoors.

If the access doors are large enough then the continental tracks can be driven into position and set up. If not it may still be possible to use the traditional type track as they are supplied in small sections, however it will increase the set up costs.

Are they safe.

Very, all our rides undergo an annual inspection from an independent engineer, a bit like a cars MOT. This results in it being issued with an ADIPS certificate certifying that it meets relevant safety standards both electrically and mechanically. This can be checked on ADIPS website. Additionally each ride must maintain a daily inspection record for each day it is in operation.

Do they have to have loud music blaring out.

No, of course not. On a traditional fairground, every ride is competing with every other ride. So they are all trying to outdo each other. When you hire for a private event, you can have the music as loud or as quiet as you wish. Or even turned off. Want a personalised play list, no probs, just ask.

These are the most common questions. If you have any additional enquiries, leave a comment and we will add them to the list.

Hire funfair dodgems for the most fun at an event.

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Hire Dodgems Cars For Your Event

8 February 2023

When You Want The Most Fun For Your Event

If you have arrived here you are looking for a dodgems ride for your event. A really nice dodgems.

Well we suppose you could want a scruffy one, something that looks like it came from the theme park at Chernobyl. In which case you really need to talk to a dodgy dodgem guy called Vladimir.

If you want the nice type then you can have a package tailored to suit you, even going as far as preparing a bridal car with ribbons and flowers to match if it’s for your wedding, or adding branding for corporate hires.

Your dodgems service will be a great centrepiece for your event, designed around your requirements so you don’t have to worry.

Easily the most popular ride you can have. Ideal for all age groups young and old. Everyone loves to drive a dodgem car, making them perfect for your fun day, or just about any event you can imagine.

You have the choice of a full range of track sizes in both traditional dodgems and ultra modern versions.

Don’t dodge us, contact us for a quote.

Continental Bumper Cars
Continental Bumper Cars

Funfair Rides, Fun For All Ages, Children And Adults.

Looking back on our long term records, this is by far our most booked fairground ride. People rent dodgems when they want maximum fun. Smaller children can be accompanied by adults, so its suitable for kids. Teenagers love it, even the older generation find it a fun experience.

Although it has to be said the aim of the ride is to ‘dodge’ the other cars, not crash headlong into each other, hence dodgems, (we know, we know, in the North East they call them bumper cars, but they are a hardy breed ‘up North).

Together with the Carousel hire , Ferris Wheel hire  and Helter Skelter it is one of the iconic fairground rides.

We can advise you on the type and size of bumper cars rides to best suit your venue and requirements. And provide guidance on the best funfair attractions to complement your event.

You need to take into account the ages and requirements of your guests. A well presented ride  has music and lighting systems. Creating a fabulous centrepiece. Easily the most popular attractions available.

If you want  radioactive rides then you are gonna have to try harder to find Vlad!

Continental Dodgem Track For Hire
Continental Dodgem Track For Hire

This ride works well with other offerings from our stable of entertainment including rides, games and fairground attractions;

You can have us propose a complete package for your needs when a range of fairground attractions are required, be it a company fun day, corporate event, a birthday party or you simply want to hire dodgems for a wedding.

Why not enjoy the event yourself comrade and leave the planning and stress to our team.

Hiring A Ride, What Do You Need To Know?

How much to hire  bumper cars near me and dodgems hire price, are regular questions we receive, unfortunately there is no simple answer to fairground ride hire prices, as it depends on where, when and what type. The where and the when are easy to answer, the other questions might need an explanation.

There are basically 2 type of rides available, the traditional type which is supplied totally dismantled and erected piece by piece., he advantage of this being that they can be carried through small gates, over fences, even upstairs, the big disadvantage is the 6-8 hours set up time.

Commonly referred to as a continental track or modern dodgem, the alternative is a set up time of around 3 hours. These are folded up onto a centre trailer for transport tending to be more highly decorated than the traditional model, contain more elaborate lighting systems and higher powered music.

The only real drawback with a modern track is that they have to be driven into position. So it limits the venues they can be used in.

You also need to take into account the track sizes and quantity of cars required. To ensure whichever you choose will fit in your intended venue.

You need to take care when hiring rides like this. The internet is great for finding something you need,but there are plenty of cowboys operators out there, check out our short article on finding the best ride for your money.

Hire funfair bumper cars from us and you will receive details of what you will actually receive. And we definitely don’t have anyone called Vladimir working here.

Check out the history of the dodgems or as they are sometimes known, bumper cars.

traditional dodgems for hire
traditional dodgems for hire


All types and sizes of dodgem tracks can be provided anywhere in the U.K.

The ride experience is identical, so it all comes down to whether you want a modern glitzy look, or something more traditional. Additionally access restrictions may stop the larger continental track being used.

As long as the track come with a top cover to allow use in inclement weather. All of ours do!

Absolutely nothing, they are two names for the same ride, bumper cars tends to be used more in the North East.

It depends on the type of track, where and when you require the ride, expect to pay between £1700 and £2500

Like most things in like, when it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

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Funfair Rides From Drawing Board To Finished Article

29 January 2023

Someone asked me recently who builds funfair rides. Well, there are a number of long established companies going back in some cases a considerable number of years. Like much of industry, the major manufacturers are European. There were a number of UK based builders making large adult rides, but these are by and large defunct.

The smaller children’s rides market is much healthier. A number of excellent rides are turned out for the home market and occasionally for export. Many of the started as travelling showmen, who perhaps built a ride for themselves, and were then asked to build another for someone else. Most end up building an occasional ride as a sideline, but some turn it into their full time occupation.

Fairtech Fabrications Ltd

One such company is in the hands of a friend of mine, his wife is my wife’s first cousin so there is once again a family connection. Along with his two sons, he has always worked on his own equipment to a high standard, and when recently the number of fairs he attended was cut drastically he looked at leveraging his building prowess into a full time gig.

This post is going to follow the design and build of one of his rides.

Cups And Saucers

The cups and saucers, or teacups as they are sometimes known, isn’t a new ride. Its been one of the staples of the funfair industry over here since I was a teenager, some 35 years or so. So was a good bet for a saleable product.

Initial Concept Drawings

Like most things now, the ride started on a computer. Initial drawings were made to produce the layout of the steel work and electrics/hydraulics. Once these were satisfactory, more detailed drawings with correct dimensions and material tolerances were produced, enabling construction to begin.

Initial Steel Work

The bulk of the funfair ride construction is box section mild steel. This is fabricated into a number of section for the ride bearing chassis, the moving part of the ride, and the support items such as the light posts and speaker brackets. Parts such as hydraulic valves and rams, electric motors etc are attached to the basic frame.

Basic Frame Under Construction

The basic frame is built up and disassembled a number of times. Things like the decorative centerpiece need to be attached to ensure the mounting holes and suchlike are in the correct places. The aluminium tread plate needs cutting to size and fitting to ensure it all matches. Slew rings to allow the cups to spin have to be in position to ensure they are level and running free and to tolerance.

Initial Build To Check Fit And Finish

Hot Dip Galvanising

The ride is pretty much built to a finished standard, except for the decorative sections. It is then stripped down completely and sent to have the full metalwork hot dip galvanised. This is a method of submerging the steel in a molten zinc bath, to apply a protective coating. This can extend the life of the rides structural components to in excess of 50 years. Untreated steel without regular maintenance can start to degrade in less than 5 years. In a marine environment it can be as little as 1 year before rust starts to attack the structure.

Galvanised Teacups Ride Frames
Galvanised Teacups Ride Frames

Assembling The Finished Ride

Once the galvanising is complete the funfair ride is assembled again. Sometimes it is possible for the heat of the galvanizing process to warp the steel sections, so any that are out of specification. may need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Once the structure is to the builders satisfaction, final assembly can begin. The chassis is assembled, and then the circular frames carrying the cars built up and attached to the chassis. At this point the electric cabling, braking systems and hydraulic systems will be attached.

Over the last few years the Health and Safety Executive have started tightening up on the use of barriers around children’s rides, to meet both this requirement, and with an eye on the European market, Fairtech made the decision to go for the more stringent TUV approval, which is regarded as a must have in many export destinations. This involved additions to the rides such as a barrier to prevent a child being able to walk up and touch a moving part of the ride.

Additionally on the older designs, the cups were not locked in place, smaller children exiting the cup could slip and fall as the cup spun. Fairtech have added an automatic locking system, so once the rides stops, the cups lock in place. They also added some nice touches to the the chequer plate flooring. The ride is finished off with LED lighting to help meet current environmental regulations, and a Bose music system.

Final Funfair Ride Assembled

The final ride with full decoration, music, lighting and automatic gates to allow the riders to access and exit the ride.

Final Ride Assembly
Final Assembled Ride