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Darts Games, Tips For Winning At The Funfair

2 May 2021

There are usually a plethora of darts games at any funfair event. Darts are easy, anyone can throw a dart, they don’t cost a lot to set up so they tend to be popular.

Funfair Darts

One point to remember is that the darts on a fairground will have been used thousands of times, so they tend to be about as sharp as your elbow. They are also cheaply made, they don’t have the balance and accuracy of a competition set and the flights are usually a bit ragged. Some operators will let you use your own darts, so it is always worth asking.

Bust A Balloon

One popular game looks to easy to be true. You throw a dart and buts a balloon, easy peasy right? Sadly it is too easy to be true. The balloons are only partially inflated, so they tend to have a massive amount of flexibility. Coupled to the aforementioned non razor sharp darts they tend to be surprisingly difficult to pop. It is certainly possible to win, but don”t think it is easy.

Bust A Balloon Game
Bust A Balloon Game

Stick 3 Separate Cards

Another mainstay game. Stick a dart in three different cards, its only about a six foot throw so any competent dart player should walk this one. Ha, the cards tend to be mounted on quite dense wooden panels, a nice steady accurate throw will see your dart bounce off. Just hitting the card is no good, the dart actually has to remain stuck in the card.

There is also a subtle variation which helps you lose. This one tends to have more cards on the board so it looks easier, but you need to have not only three separate cards, but they have to be separate suites and separate numbers. As in many things no one reads the rules so they tend not to pick up on the rules until after the have thrown the darts.

If you can swing using your own darts it’s definitely much easier, though it will probably ruin the tips of your darts, so don’t use an expensive set.


Or in full, “Read The F***ing Rules”. One of the biggest problems with darts games is the one where as you walk up you see a giant teddy with a sign hung around it’s neck proudly proclaiming “ME IF YOU LOSE”.

Sauntering up to the stall, you pony up your £1-50 to have a try. I mean it’s a no brainer, it’s only going to cost you £1-50. The worst you can do is walk away with a prize that would retail for 40 quid at least.

The darts are thrown and yippee, you have won, it was so easy you wonder that anyone ever loses. You bask in the sunlight of glory, for once you are one of life’s winners. Oh your face is a picture when the guy on the stall hands you a keyring as your prize. You start to argue, which is when he points to the rule board, it shows clearly the paltry prizes for winning. The super stuff is reserved for the losers on this one. And that is the rub. You can lose but it’s bloody difficult.

Usually it is three darts, you have to score over 6 to win with three separate numbers. Sticking the same number twice will be counted as 6, and missing the board will also be counted as 6. In fact the only was to lose is to score 1,2,3.

All they have really done is swap win and lose around. It relies on peoples greed blinding their common sense. This isn’t exclusive to darts games and similar techniques can be found on other stalls.

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Shooting Galleries, Tips To Win At The Funfair

2 April 2021

Most people will have visited a fairground. Played on the games and lost, and been absolutely convinced the games are cons. The truth is, the vast majority aren’t. They are set up to be difficult, and favour the operator. But they are not set up as charities, the operator needs to take more than he pays out.

Bear in mind the following;

According to the National Lottery website, the odds of winning the major prizes are: Lotto jackpot: 1 in 45,057,474. EuroMillions jackpot: 1 in 139,838,160

Yet no one considers them to be con tricks.

Before we look at shooting galleries there is one thing to understand. The size of the prize on offer is directionally proportional to the difficulty of winning it. Look, if a giant teddy costs the operator £20 wholesale, he needs to earn at least £20 to cover the cost of it. But it doesn’t stop there. There is also the costs of transporting the game to the fair, insuring it, paying for it, paying the ground rent, the diesel for the power generator, ammunition for the guns, maintenance and so on. Realistically before giving out a £20 prize, I would be looking at a minimum of £100 takings to ensure I actually earn something. So if it’s £2 per game, you would expect on average to try 50 times before winning.

Pellets Or Corks

There are two main types of shooting galleries. The traditional air rifles firing pellets, and those firing corks. When it comes to corks there isn’t much help we can offer, use the gun like a shotgun, point it in the general direction and hope for the best

. There is a reason that no army in the world uses cork shaped bullets, and it’s this, corks are not aerodynamic, they start to tumble in random directions as soon as they leave the barrel of the gun. That’s why the army uses, well, bullet shaped bullets.

Now, on the pellet shooters there are some tips that can increase your chances to win, so let’s look at some of the myths you think are stopping you winning.

The Barrel Is Bent

Erm, no it really isn’t. Contrary to popular belief a bent barrel doesn’t make the gun fire somewhere different to where it is aimed. It just doesn’t fire at all as the pellet will jam in the barrel. The gun below with a bent barrel does actually fire around corners, but it a special weapon built especially to do that.

corner gun
corner gun

The Sights Are Off

Again no. Well, some probably are, but here is the thing. Military snipers are some of the best marksmen in the world. They spend hour upon hour firing thousands of rounds to hone their skills. They do however tend to use a personalised weapon. When they go into battle, they use the actual gun they have been practising with all this time. The reason being that guns can have minor differences in aim caused by manufacturing tolerances, scope mounts etc. The sniper will spend time zeroing in his/her weapon to their own specifications. They also tend to be set up for a particular range. What you wouldn’t expect them to do, is pick up a totally strange weapon and fire with the same accuracy.

So to win on a funfair shooter, you are going to have to do two things. The first is have more than one attempt. You will need at least one to sort the aim out.

Another major issue is that most people don’t actually know how to use the open sights on a rifle. Sure they watched all the war movies, and in their own minds they are all Carlos Hathcock, (A top US sniper in case you didn’t know, his life story can be found in this great article), but they really don’t know how to shoot. We can usually tell if a player knows how to handle a gun from his second shot. The first one might be off, but the following shots are usually on target.

Aiming Off

They do this by using a technique called aiming off. What you do is take a shot at the bullseye, or whatever the target is. You then pause to see where it has impacted. Lets say for a moment that the shot hit 5mm above where you aimed and 10mm to the right. What you would do on your following shots is aim off by the same amount, ie. aim 5mm lower and 10mm to the left. This should bring you back on target.

Using this will give you a reasonable amount of accuracy and vastly improve your chances of winning on shooting galleries.