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Yes We Can Do That, (How I Have No Idea)

20 July 2020
Espresso coffee carts for weddings parties events

The large corporate clients we have, tend to have very little loyalty. If you can’t do precisely what they want, they have no qualms about dropping you and using the next events company on their list.

Over time this has given us the mindset of Yosser Hughes in boys from the black stuff. He was desperate for a job and any job that popped up he would proclaim “gizza job, I can do that.” Anytime a major client asks if we can do something the answer is always “Of course, been doing that for years, piece of cake”. Once we get off the phone it then becomes, “How the hell are we going to do this?”

Espresso Coffee Cart

My wife walked into the office one Monday morning, and picked up an email printed out on my desk. It was the contract for providing an espresso coffee cart to HSBC’s headquarters for an event on the Wednesday, two days hence.

She looked at me inquiringly and asked “Who is doing that job for us?”

“No one, we are doing it ourselves”

She raised an eyebrow and replied “We don’t have an effing espresso coffee cart!”

“Ha”, says I, “Not a problem, Ian is out building the cart now, the coffee machine and equipment is being delivered in the morning, and I am on a Barista training course tomorrow evening”

On the day the first customer was like, “A cappuccino, two lattes, an espresso and a Machiato please”. WTF, help, I can’t do this.

When I had calmed down, I realised that every drink started with an espresso, you just added different amounts of steamed milk and foam. They wanted 5 drinks, you made 5 espressos, steamed a large jug of milk, then poured to suit. Easy peasy. In fact they were so impressed that they had us back on a number of occasions. The espresso cart is now a firm favourite amongst many of our staff.

Espresso Cart For All, That’s What We Say

Sony And Nissan Walk Into A Bar

A couple of years later I got a call from a long term client, an events company we worked with quite often. “Jason, do you do mobile bars, we have a massive job on offer from Sony and Nissan, they need a bar to celebrate the end of a worldwide competition they have been running.”, basically players on the Sony GT racing game could compete to win a place on the actual Nissan racing driver development program.

“Yep, we can do that, when is it?”

Lol, “A week today”, gulp. “Er yeh no problem”.

When I told my wife she said that this time I was on my own, she wasn’t coming to that event as I was going to fall flat on my face in front of a major corporate client.

I spent the day feverishly ordering equipment we would need. Luckily a mate of mine Dean, owned a local pub, and he wrote me a list of what I needed. We sourced a company that supplied portable bar sections and set off the next morning to collect them. I took my staff down to Dean’s pub to treat them to a night out, on the condition that Dean let them pull their own pints. And we managed to hire a kid that had worked in a cocktail bar, so we had at least one member of staff who had some idea of what he was doing.

Our New Bar

Our New Bar Up And Running

On the day everything went off perfectly. Well almost, I had ran water through the Jagermeister dispenser to clean it, and hadn’t gotten all of it out, with the result that it froze solid and wouldn’t dispense. But apart from that it was a fabulous night. Especially when Sabine Schmitz on a segway managed to run Martin Brundle over lol, what a booze monster she was. By the nights end she was demanding we just pour whatever shots were left into a glass and she would drink that.

After that one I think we can safely borrow the S.A.S. motto of “Who Dares Wins”.

Since then we have successfully acquired various bits of kit at short notice, crepe machines, Dutch Poffertjes and with a couple hours practice managed to provide a professional service, looking like we had done it all of our lives.

Corporate clients want the impossible, we are happy to oblige.

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The new blue Java Banana

12 June 2019

There’s nothing better on a hot day than a selection of fresh cold fruit especially exotic fruit. Although a cheeky pineapple and watermelon medley is about as exotic as I get, however after reading the news lately I feel pretty damn standard! There’s a new member to the exotic fruit family known as the Blue Java Banana and this is the don of the fruit market ; not only is it blue but it tastes of ice cream.

The java is said to have the same colour and consistency of a normal banana but with a unique outside skin colour of blue and a strong vanilla flavour to it. Originating from South East asia the blue banana quickly spread through continents such as North Australia, Hawaii and Central America.

So with all them places being the other side of the world to our little old  United Kingdom it looks like we wont be getting to try the blue banana anytime soon however lucky for us now were in the 21st century where we can use the internet for this sort of information.

Blue Java Banana
Blue Java Banana

Food Bloggers try the Java banana

An Australian food blogger videoed his first try of a blue banana described the banana taste as Phenomenal. The clip shows the blogger peeling the blue skin back to reveal a ripe mushy flesh which I can only describe as mushy sick mash potato. But according to him looks can be deceiving and after biting into the banana he described the taste as sensational adding that it was like an unbelievable taste of summer in his mouth.

The prime time to take a bite of these java’s is when they’re past the ripe stage and have gone to the next soft stage where usually you would decide to throw them away. Apparently this is when the blue banana is at its peak vanilla taste and softest texture.

Others have said the banana has a very creamy taste with a much milder flavour than your standard yellow banana. With a lighter and better texture the flavour is also a lot sweeter too and has won the hearts of many tropical fruit lovers with many being such a fan they bought java banana seeds online so they could grow their own blue banana tree at home.  It is advised that when it comes to growing your own blue banana tree that Blue Java bananas like ‘warm, rich soil with high moisture’, and require a lot of fertilising and sunlight.

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Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life

9 June 2019

Everyone’s seen Willy Wonkas inventions haven’t they… the Everlasting Gob stoppers that taste like a Sunday roast, the Wonka Chocolate Bars well willy wonka has now hit California in the role of Plant Breeders and Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life

Plant Breeders in California have created a natural grape that tastes like everyone’s favorite fairground treat CandyFloss This natural grape has not been cloned or genetically engineered with artificial flavors. There has been two combined grape species that has been grown and ripened together that now tastes like the pink fluffy cotton candy treat.

Candy Floss Grapes

Where to buy some

When you first chew the grape and it pops open in your mouth with juice squirting out it gives you a rush taste of the much loved treat at the fair, cotton candy. The grapes are available in the UK in Asda, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

A horticulturalist Mr D. Cain wants to bring back the true natural flavour of grapes, he feels that over the time and the growing and shipping process they have begun to lose their taste, however with new innovative grapes could people begin to prefer flavoured grapes to natural ones??

There is an array of different fruits available in store especially when it comes to apples with over 10 different types offered to consumer’s including pink lady, braeburn and fuji apples. The farms that grow grapes now want to offer people a higher selection of grapes in a hope that more people start to buy and eat them as part of a healthier diet. Most people complain that healthy food doesn’t taste as good as the sugary food even though it’s good for you whereas these grapes are full of the goodness and the flavour that everyone likes. The grapes do have around 10% more sugar than regular grapes but still a lot less than other fruit such ass raisins.

Where Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to life

The candyfloss flavoured grape farm in the US has increased from 2 acres to 100 acres with plans to increase to 200 acres in the next year this is due to the popularity and high demand.

The creator of the candyfloss flavoured grape said that it took him hundreds of tests and attempt’s before he finally found that flavour. Mr Cain said that the whole process takes anything from 6 to 15 years to create and find. He has no intention at stopping at this flavour and wants to create a number of different flavours of grapes in the future.