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Hello Again, Hello

27 January 2019

Words to a Neil Diamond song, if your old enough to remember that, then you can probably remember Buzby, Accrington Stanley and the days when a telephone was connected to your house by a wire!

We recently switched our site to a secure server, leading to all sorts of unforeseen issues. Mainly with securing the blog side of things. So to sort this out we have decided it was easier to just start again. This is meant to be a mixture of informative articles, tongue in cheek comments on the wider world, and the occasional story about the misadventures of our staff.

So here we are, all shiny and new. We will be re posting some of our most popular content over the next few weeks. In addition to pruning some of the , erm, less desirable stuff. We have also widened our scope of writers, and now have some of the junior staff being allowed to post items (God help us), so hopefully you will keep coming back to see what we have.

In the meantime you could check out our main site Candy Floss Crazy.

Our very first catering product, Candy Floss!

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