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Hole-y Matrimony: Why You Should Do Doughnuts Instead of a Cake

22 September 2023

It’s not uncommon nowadays for couples to try and bring a sense of uniqueness to their wedding, whether that be in the dress code, the location or even the colour theme. But cake alternatives are slowly becoming the new wedding “in”, with people switching out the tiers for other sweet treats that can compensate – and this is where doughnuts get the hole in one.

Inviting doughnuts into your wedding can help you cut costs and even make your day that bit extra environmentally friendly. In this guide, we’ll show you how to integrate this delicious dessert into your plan, and why it’ll be so much better than your average cake.

Cake vs Doughnuts: How Do We Measure Them?


Cake: Talking traditionally, there are 3 opportunities for different flavours, each tier representing a different taste. But keep in mind that with each layer comes a certain uniformity – a limitation that can sometimes dampen the thrill of flavour exploration. The struggle to find flavours that complement each other can be overwhelming, and then there’s always the fear of a half-eaten cake if one of the tiers is preferred.

Doughnuts: Doughnuts are the undisputed champions of flavour diversity. They come in a dizzying array that caters to every palate – whether you’re a fan of timeless classics or crave adventurous, unexpected combinations. Having a variety of different tangs can mean all your guests will be able to enjoy something that they like, and it can be immense fun choosing all the options you want to have on show.


Cake: While wedding cakes are often celebrated for their grand presentation, this spectacle can be a double-edged sword. The towering presence of a multi-tiered cake might dominate the aesthetic, potentially overshadowing other elements of your wedding decor.  As well as this, elaborate cake designs can sometimes clash with certain themes or styles, limiting your options for presenting something that truly reflects your vision.

Doughnuts: They provide a flexible option for presentations that can effortlessly blend with different wedding styles. Their compact size encourages inventive arrangements that won’t overshadow the general aesthetic. Regardless of whether your theme is rustic or modern, doughnuts can be positioned to enhance your selected decor without becoming the focal point. Displayed on multi-level stands, pegboards, or as individual treats, the presentation of doughnuts offers a more balanced and versatile visual appeal.

Wedding Doughnut Wall


Wedding Cakes: Wedding cakes are steeped in tradition, often making them feel a bit commonplace with similar designs and concepts frequently seen. The trick is to break the mould while still meeting the expectations of what a wedding cake should be. While striving for true originality can lead us down paths less travelled, it might not be a hit with all guests and could detract from the festive atmosphere.

Doughnuts: On the flip side, incorporating doughnuts into your wedding adds a unique and exciting twist to your celebration. Choosing a doughnut display immediately sets your wedding apart from others. With a wide variety of flavours and opportunities for creative displays, you can design an experience that truly pops. Doughnuts offer a fresh, memorable angle that will not only tantalise your guests’ taste buds but also create lasting memories.


Wedding Cakes: The charm of a majestic wedding cake often comes with a pretty penny attached. The complexity of the cake design, detailed adornments, and expert craftsmanship needed all play a part in the rising costs. The quest for an eye-catching centrepiece could eat into a significant chunk of your budget, leaving less for other wedding elements. As the expenses pile up, your dream cake might morph into a financial strain that impacts other parts of your celebration.

Doughnuts: Doughnuts excel in their cost-effectiveness, offering a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on flavour or aesthetics. Their smaller size naturally means less cost per serving, freeing up your budget for other important aspects like the venue, attire, or entertainment. Doughnut displays can still be a feast for the eyes, and the money saved can help achieve a more balanced allocation of resources throughout your entire wedding.

Fact: Did you know that in 2021, the average cost of a wedding in the UK escalated from around £15,171 to £16,000?!


Wedding Cakes: As enchanting as they may be, wedding cakes do raise some concerns about sustainability. The intricate decorations often involve materials that aren’t environmentally friendly. Plus, transporting these large, multi-tiered cakes can add to your event’s carbon footprint. Although you can try to use locally sourced and organic ingredients, the environmental impact of wedding cakes can sometimes overshadow their grand appearance.

Doughnuts: Here’s where doughnuts can really shine – they’re a more sustainable dessert choice. Perfect for eco-friendly couples, their smaller size reduces potential food waste. If sourced from local bakeries that prioritise green practices, doughnuts can help lower your wedding’s environmental impact. An added eco-friendly bonus is the variation of flavours in one display, reducing the need for multiple desserts and promoting more efficient, sustainable resource use.

So there you have it folks, a breakdown of the battle between wedding cake and doughnuts – and I think it’s clear to see who the winner is! Ultimately, your big day should reflect you and your partner’s personalities, and only you two should make the final call on each element.

But if you’re looking for a sweet, penny saving substitute that you and your guests will adore,  contact us to see how we can help to make it happen.

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