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Bloody Kids, A Lockdown And The Darkest Hour

22 December 2020

Into week 3 of the lockdown and we are making full use of Netflix. A friend had suggested the film Darkest Hour. The award winning biopic of Sir Winston Churchills earliest days as prime minister.

So one night when I had become sick of sitting at a computer doing promotional work, I powered Netflix up, found the movie and away we went.

Darkest Hour

Not the usual war film, I thought it started a little slow, but then became totally engrossing. Gary Oldman I thought was near perfect. A little worrying, because I am old enough to remember when he was too young to play that part lol. It captured the deeply flawed personality that was Churchill, but also just how strong the appeasement movement was at that time. I genuinely think had anyone else taken the role, we would have capitulated.

Gary Oldman As Winston Churchill
Gary Oldman As Winston Churchill

Bloody Kids

At one point my daughter wandered in. Enquiring what the film was about she sat a while as she waited for her kettle to boil.

At one point a scene with Churchill sitting at his desk appeared.

“Oh I have sat at that desk” she mentioned nonchelantly.

Really, when?

“Oh I didn’t tell you did I, a few years ago you had sent me on a corporate job at this old house, serving spiced wine I think. Anyway half way through the job, the guests had all gone into a conference. So I went and got myself a cup of coffee, well, there was this big old desk and a chair, so I plonked my coffee on the desk, and sat down to read my book”

Really I enquired?

“Oh yes, but I wasn’t there long”, this lady came into the room, seen me sat there and I thought she was having a seizure, when she managed to get her words out she screamed you can’t sit there that’s Churchills desk., “Well”, I said, “he isn’t using it now is he?”

Bloody kids. One of life’s great mysteries, is why my blood pressure is still the same as when I was a teenager!


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