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Burger Joints Of The World, Heart Attack Grill

15 May 2023

This entry in our world’s burger joints is a little different. Rather than a chain this is a single location in Tempe, Arizona.

Founded in 2005 by Jon Basso with the intent of serving “nutritional pornography”. The Heart Attack Grill has one major selling point. It sells the world’s unhealthiest burgers. Ranging from a single upto a octuple heart bypass burger containing a massive 16,000 calories.

A Heart Attack In A Bun
A Heart Attack In A Bun

If you manage to finish this, you are wheeled out to your car by your personal naughty nurse.

Your side order of fries are cooked in lard, tequila and beer to make sure they contain as many calories as possible. Your soft drinks are made with can sugar, and patrons can buy unfiltered cigarettes.

Big Guests Eat Free

If you happen to weigh over 25 stone, then you eat free. You do have to weigh yourself beforehand, and drinks are excluded from the deal, oh and you can’t share your food.

Big Customers Eat Free at the Heart Attack Grill
Big Customers Eat Free


The whole joint is themed around nurses/doctors. Guests don hospital gowns before eating. The nurses take prescriptions (orders) from the patients (guests).

If you don’t manage to finish your food, then one of the naughty nurses will paddle you. With the option to buy the paddle afterwards.

Naughty Nurses
Naughty Nurses

So, not only is this a hamburger place that uses the time tested tactic of sexy ladies. It also aims to feed you the most unhealthy burgers possible.

What could possibly go wrong?

2011 the Heart Attack Grills spokesman Blair River died at the age of 29 from complications with pneumonia. Not sure if the 41 stone he weighed had any bearing on that.

2012 a customer suffered a heart attack whilst eating one of their burgers. The owner called an ambulance, whilst the other patrons took photos.

2012 A female customer fell unconscious whilst eating a double bypass burger. Though she was also drinking ans smoking.

2013 another spokesman John Alleman (bit of a dangerous job that) dropped dead outside the restaurant whilst waiting for a bus. Not sure how heavy that one was.


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