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Dam Raider Gin & Mosquito Vodka

4 March 2021

We use a wide range of suppliers for our catering operations. Many of them are major catering suppliers, however we do like to use small boutique companies where possible.

One such supplier is a small batch distillery that produced a range of gins, and a vodka.

Coastal Distillery

Based in the small coastal town of Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire. The company has an unusual history, being formed by a printer and an undertaker. They shared an interest in the drinks industry and a love of unconventional design.

Dam Raider Gin

Wanting to draw upon the rich RAF heritage of the region, they launched a gin as their first product. Named after the famous 617 squadron of operation Chastise fame. The famous dam busting raid in case you weren’t following. Contrary to popular misconception, they weren’t christened the ‘Dam Busters’, that was a film. They were actually known as ‘Dam Raiders’.

Dam Raider Gin
Dam Raider Gin

The bottles are fabulous, the front contains an image of the famous Lancaster bomber flying over RAF Scampton. The rear an extract from an actual pilots log book.

Dam Raiders Gin, Rear Bottle
Dam Raiders Gin, Rear Bottle

A donation from every bottle sold is also made to the International Bomber Command Centre and Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre. Home to the squadrons that flow out of RAF Woodhall Spa during the war.

Mosquito Vodka

Their other aviation related product is a vodka offering, named after the De Havilland Mosquito twin engined plane of WWII fame. This wooden wonder could fly faster that most fighter planes. It was used as a night fighter, fast bomber, pathfinder and reconnaissance airplane.

Mosquito Vodka
Mosquito Vodka

Again the rear of the bottle contains an extract from a pathfinder squadron crew member. The neck tag contains an airman’s poem tied to the bottle with genuine WWII parachute silk.

We tend to use these on our gin bars, especially when providing services at the many military functions we attend.


World Gin Day

8 June 2020

Today is World Gin Day. A celebration of that hot, on trend drink, which has changed over the years from being a cheap “Mothers ruin“, to an in demand industry. Every day seems to bring another gin flavour, we have had everything from Truffle Gin, to elderberry.

Add in the great range of mixers and gin has something to suit any palate.

The idea of world gin day is to give everyone a chance to enjoy their favourite tipple, not that an excuse is needed. Dating from the 13th century its certain proved it’s long lasting appeal.

Gin And Tonic With Garnish to celebrate world gin day
Gin And Tonic With Garnish

Massive Selection Of Flavours

Gin is building up a fabulous selection of flavours, just the basic range on our bars include;

•Rhubarb & Ginger
•South African Truffles
•Pink Gin
•Raspberry Gin
•Sweet Violet Gin
•Chocolate Gin
•Passion Fruit Gin
•Blackberry Gin

Some of the city centre bars have more offerings than you can count.

So however you like it, raise a glass and enjoy. If you need a set up for a wedding, party or corporate event, we can provide a fully staffed and stocked bar with your choice of flavours.

Lux, Our Gin Bar
Lux, Our Gin Bar

Special Offer

Hire our bar for an event this month and we will throw in a couple of bottles of Presecco for you.