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Willy Wonka Style Desert

27 February 2019

Willy Wonka is every child’s idol, his ability to make the most magical flavoured sweets, the bright colours, the fun factory, the shapes and textures and when he opened his factory to the six children as an eager child when you watched the film you could almost taste the sweets as you followed the story round the jaw dropping factory. 

The edible garden, the everlasting gobstopper, the fizzy lifting drink, the willy wonka chocolate bar, the lickable wallpaper, and the one that caught everyone’s attention the Three course meal gum. Imagine how amazing the experience would be to have a starter, main and desert all in one piece of chewing gum, a meal on the go would be so convenient. Such a good idea yet more than 40 years on and were all still waiting to be able to go into the local Asda or Morrison’s and purchase some of this gum!

Willy Wonka Style Dessert Created In Scotland

It seems that Scotland may be one step closer to this than the rest of the united kingdom after a Gelateria in Inverness created the ‘world’s first burns supper ice cream’ although this may not be the chewing gum that we all wanted it is a step in the right direction and has become a viral sensation. Scotland have officially created the first Willy Wonka style desert.

The Gelateria are claiming that this is the first time Haggis, Neeps and Tatties have been made into an ice cream which they then top this off with a whisky cream sauce. Both the boss and employees from the venue promise that this main/desert tastes amazing in their social media post entitled ‘Who wants to try the world’s first full burns supper gelato?’ proved very popular racking up hundreds of likes and more than 8,000 viewers.

Rabbie Burns Day

Tatti, neeps and haggis
Tatty, Neeps and Haggis Dessert

The willy wonka style desert ice cream was created to help celebrate Rabbie Burns Day and his 260th Birthday. Available for a limited time only they received a number of positive comments.

Personally I don’t think I’d be joining in trying this special desert as something about cold haggis is very off putting however I do feel that Willy Wonka would be proud of this creation and I do hope this is a start to some unique and special deserts being created. I don’t know about you but I would be partial to try a spaghetti bolognaise ice cream or maybe sausage egg and beans ice cream! It definitely vary’s from the original boring flavours such as the vanilla, strawberry and mint choc chip.

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