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Abandoned Wild West Theme Park

15 March 2019

Japan a well-known country for its sea food cuisine and cherry blossom trees, a far cry from the abandoned wild west theme park that can be found in the city  Nikko, which is found around 70 miles north of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

The multi-million pound theme park Western Village that opened in 1970 has been abandoned since 2007. The developers added a new section in 1995 which cost around £20 million featuring a replica of Mount Rushmore. At the end of 2006 they announced they would be closed for maintenance for a few months however it then never opened again

Japan and Wild West…commonly words used together?

 Although Japan and Wild West are not words normally used in the same sentence it was a popular place for film sets to take place. It has been said that the abandoned wild west theme park now looks more like a weird horror film set with broken and lifeless robots than a Wild West theme park there are still half empty beer bottles and dust covered shelves still untouched after over a decade of being abandoned.

The abandoned park is home to several buildings now derelict that include a sheriff’s office, a barbers, a saloon, hotel, a bank and many more. There was also a photo booth where you could dress up in cowboy fancy dress and have photos taken with a cowboy background making it look like you really was in the wild wild west.

Germany Also Home To Wild West Theme Park

Wild West theme parks are very scarce however there is one in Germany called Frontier Town that’s still going strong and providing to be very favourable. It has been going for 50 years or so now and offers a cabin hotel on side. The towns located just outside of Berlin and you can go horse riding on site as well as watching cowboy shooting shows.

It is a shame that the amusement park has been abandoned as a huge amount of money was poured into it and large scale replicas was made and every detail was fine checked to fit the style. I feel like after being abandoned for so long I feel like it would take a large investment to rebuild this or try and salvage any of it. I also feel like japan and a wild west mash may have led to the down fall I mean when you think of either you don’t think of the other as well do you it’s like black and white, chalk and cheese, night and day. Wild West and japan are total polar vortex differences.

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