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Nothing Better Than An Alcoholic Beverage Or 10

5 May 2019

There is nothing better than an alcoholic beverage or 10 until the next morning when you wake up with the worst hangover known to mankind, and honestly it feels like the worst day of your entire life…without being too dramatic that is…

Well imagine if there was a way you could enjoy the sweet taste of alcohol without ever waking up on deaths door the next morning, this would be revolutionary wouldn’t it? You’d be able to go on them nights out that you’d normally have to miss because of grown up commitments like family or work. Well this dream is currently closer than what you think!

After several years of research a product called Alcarella is being created that is a magic substance that gives you the sensation of being drunk without having you running to hug the toilet seat the next morning!.  

Alcarella is a synthetic alcohol based on a molecule called alcosynth…we know science and alcohol equals more fun!!! the new ingredients ensure that the drink can give you the same feelings as being drunk without the hangover. The only downside is that this drink won’t be ready anytime soon, it could take a few years to become regulated before its offered to the public and can be sold.

Imperial College London Professor

A neuropsychopharmacologist, professor from the imperial college London that the drink will be going under rigorous testing a they need to show that it’s different from the bog standard alcohol and doesn’t produce the toxicity that gives you a hangover.  The professor studies the effects of alcohol and found which receptors in the brain is targeted by alcohol and claims this new revolutionary drink will work differently and target different receptors.

Nothing better than an alcoholic beverage or 10

Synthetic alcohol is said to have a cap so that it is impossible to get out of control on. After around half an hour to forty five minutes the effects of the drink wear off. Mr J Forsyth a global drink analyst recon’s that the product will appeal to the health conscious consumers of today and be a promoter of lunch time drinking as the effects will wear off by the end of your dinner break.

According to a study they found that 4 million people are killed each year from alcohol, and that many people can have a negative side effect to drink so with this new break through then people can hopefully still have a good time on a night out without the drunk driving potential or without the anger side effect of the alcohol.

So could we see the end of alcoholic drinks as we know them.

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