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Crazy Golf For Events and Exhibitions

24 October 2020

During the crazy Covid lockdown, we have used the time to revamp and renew many of our games and catering services. The latest to undergo this revamp was our Crazy Golf, designed for events.

We not only revamped all the actual holes, but vastly increased the number of props on each to provide a different theme on each hole.

Hole 1 Shiver Me Timbers

Pirate Themed Crazy Golf Hole
Pirate Themed Crazy Golf Hole

First up is our Jolly Roger hole, a Pirate themed course with a shipwreck, olde worlde cannon, flags and captains hat.

Hole 2 Ducky, Ducky, Ducky

Rubber Duck Themed Hole

One of our favourites, hole 2 is ducks, lots of them, rubber ones to be precise. With historical characters such as Churchill, Trump, Bojo and more. Past the fairground shooting targets and up the ramp into the actual water bath with floating hook a ducks.

Hole 3 Lego World

Lego Themed Crazy Golf
Lego Themed Crazy Golf

Lego, possibly the greatest toy of all time, we have taken it and made it large. Super large in fact, with lego men heads, and giant sized bricks.

Hole 4 Mr & Mrs

Wedding Themed Crazy Golf
Wedding Themed Crazy Golf

Mr & Mrs, or here come the bride, a single wedding themed crazy golf hole. Though if it is a wedding you are booking for then we offer a full 9 hole wedding course.

Hole 5 Match Of The Day

Football Themed Crazy Golf
Football Themed Crazy Golf

Match of the day, our football themed penalty shot hole. Straight up the course into the goal for a hole in one.

Hole 6 Countryfile

Countryside Themed Crazy Golf
Countryside Themed Crazy Golf

A day on the country in a golf hole. Windmills, houses, cows and pigs.

Hole 7 Spooky Towers

Horror Themed Crazy Golf
Horror Themed Crazy Golf

Skulls, headstones and a mini mother in law, sorry I mean gremlin. A touch of Hammer House Of Horror

Hole 8 Don’t Mention The War

Tank Battle Themed Game
Tank Battle Themed Crazy Golf

Two of the legends of WW2, the German heavy Tiger 1 tank and the American Sherman. Classed as a light tank, they regularly slugged it out on battlefields.

Hole 9 Don’t Clown Around

Clown Themed Golf
Clown Themed Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf For Events Of Any Kind

Crazy clowns, noses, boots and a big clowns face, a cheerful hole to finish the course off.

Whether you need crazy golf for events, crazy golf for a corporate event, a private party or a wedding, we have a course to suit. For really special jobs, sales promotions or exhibitions we can even design and build a totally custom themed course.

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