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Doughnuts Questions, FAQ’s

17 August 2021

Another of our series answering some of the many questions we have received about doughnuts, that delicious fried treat so beloved of cops, well according to Hollywood anyways.

Do Doughnuts Make You Fat

If you eat one they wont, or even a few. If you eat loads everyday and dont work out then yes they probably will. All good things in moderation is the secret here.

Eating Doughnut Meme
Eating Doughnut Meme

Who Invented Doughnuts

Hanson Gregory, from America (obviously), claimed that he invented the ring doughnut aboard a trading ship in 1847. Apparently he wasn’t satisfied with the greasy doughnuts twisted into various shapes and undercooked in the centre. So he punched a hole through them with the ships tin pepper box, to ensure they were cooked inside.

However a recipe book dating from 1800 written by the wife of Baron Thomas Dinsdale (English) lists a recipe for cooking dow nuts.

So take your pick.

Typical Ring Doughnut
Typical Ring Doughnut

Are Doughnuts Fried

Most of them yes. But, they can also be baked. THe baked ones tend to be more compact, but are equally delicious so there is no right and wrong to which type you prefer.

Are Doughnuts Always Round

The traditional doughnuts that we eat in the UK and North America are usually round. Either ring doughnuts with a hole in the middle. Or filled doughnuts which are a solid circle. But other countries have different styles. The Dutch Oliebollen is more of a ball. And a SPanish Churros is a long thin finger. Take a look at our feature on doughnuts of the world to see examples of what is out there.

Churros Fillings
Churros Fillings

Can Doughnuts Be Kept Overnight

Yep they certainly can, though they taste better hot and fresh. A tip is to stick jam filled doughnuts in the microwave for a minute, this warms them up and also makes them taste almost fresh again. However, beware. I once did this, and was interrupted by a phone call. After the call I hadn’t realised that they had been in for over five minutes. When I bit into one, a stream of superheated jam shot up a nostril and gave me severe burns.

Can Doughnuts Save The Planet

According to an economist called Kate Raworth they can. The explanation is a bit heavy for a nice simple FAQ like this, so check out the idea at source. Doughnut Economics.

Doughnut Economics
Doughnut Economics

Are Doughnuts Bad For You

Well they are if you superheat them in a microwave and then bite into the jam centre!

They do contain quite a lot of saturated fat, and sugar. So they are never going to be classed as healthy. But it could be argued that the pleasure gained from eating them is good for your mental health, so it kinda balances out a bit really.

Where Can I Buy Doughnuts Near Me

Asda, Tesco, sainsburys, Morrisons. Most of them sell premade doughnuts. They are not fresh and not hot so aren’t that good. Though we are partial to the Morrisons Jam ones, exploding versions excepted.

Boutique doughnut shops are springing up around the world, so there may be one near to you.

Or if you are holding an event such as a wedding or party, we can bring a hot fresh doughnut cart to you, free (to your guests) doughnuts all night. Hot, fresh, and slathered in sugar and Nutella.

Do Cops Really Like Doughnuts

Well, Hollywood reckons they do. And the stereotypical American cop lives solely on a diet of doughnuts, bagels and coffee. But seriously, who doesn’t love doughnuts would be a better question.

I guess there are people who don’t, but they are usually recaptured pretty quickly.

Are Doughnuts Bad For Dogs

They are not good for them. They contain sugars and fats which are harmful in large doses. The oli they are fried in can cause diarrhea. And some contain caffeine or chocolate which can be fatal.

What Is Correct Doughnut Or Donut

Well, the dictionary spelling is doughnut. Donut is a cut down simplified version created by our American brethren across the ocean. They seem to take delight in chopping sections out of words, and replacing the s with z. Or as they call it zee.

Don’t they realise we invented the bloody language. I think they changed everything after the War of Independence just to be awkward.

We love them really. Especially on international doughnut day.

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