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Cops & Doughnuts

3 February 2019

Its been a longstanding joke, especially if you watch Hollywood movies, that cops & doughnuts are intricately linked.

More evidence of this has emerged with a story about a Krispy Kreme truck catching fire. The lexington Police department in Kentucky posted images on social media, of officers in mourning for the loss of the doughnuts.

Police departments across the nation were quick to offer their condolences, with the University of Kentucky Police Department writing β€œWe feel your loss,” . β€œWe donut what else to say.”

Krispy Kreme Respond

The company joined in the spirit of things with their reply;

Although the police in any country have a difficult job to do, its nice to remember that they are still, human, and a little humour is never a bad thing, so lets all spare a thought for cops & doughnuts.

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