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Sweet Crime Or Punishment

31 January 2019

Sweet Crime

Life in prison can be tough, it’s a form of capturing and rehabilitating criminals to help keep our streets safe. Prisoners are allowed few comforts, food, warmth, pictures of loved ones.

One of the biggest comforts being Cigarettes. A new law was introduced which revealed that smoking in prisons was being banned however. This is for the health and benefit of everyone involved in prison life. Prisons across England, Scotland and Wales have made a commitment to move towards smoke free prisons as soon as possible in a safe and controlled way

Treats For The Inmates

HMP Kilmarnock in Scotland was the first prison to make headlines for their approach to cutting out the cigarettes. A few days after the ban was introduced prison wardens went round the cells with a bag of popcorn and candy floss for each member. Giving the inmates sweet treats, helping them with their cigarette withdrawal cravings. The next night they took red kola and a word search booklets to the prisoners. It surprised many prisoners to find a bag of goodies waiting for them many joking that they were concerned about the weight may put on now. As a result they’d changed their nicotine fix to a sugar fix.

Much praise greeted this move throughout the legal system, everyone knowing it can be hard to kick a cigarette habit . Especially so in a prison environment, hence the offering of sweet treats. To take their mind off the cravings and hopefully help them. Liam Kerr receiving a negative review on this however. Stating that he felt the justice system would become a laughing stock for offering inmates candyfloss and sweet treats, it’s a prison not a holiday home.

We have given our candyfloss and popcorn out at many different events. To many different people for many different reasons. No one asks us for prisons however. I wonder if this will be a new trial that all prisons offer to inmates. I know I wouldn’t turn down free candyfloss or popcorn ever! Is this a sweet treat or a sweet crime?

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