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A hard core sugar rush

17 February 2019

Ever had the candy cigarettes as a kid? You’d stand and pretend to smoke them thinking you was cool before you’d end up giving into temptation and eating it all before drawing out your next candy cigarette and pretending to puff away again? Just like an adult, well how about a new extreme of pretending candyfloss is meth?

For one lady in Georgia it isn’t all fun and jokes with her candyfloss oh no she was in fact arrested when her candyfloss was mistaken for meth, she evidently wanted the hard core sugar rush. The 41 year old spent 3 months in prison due to not being able to afford her £780,000 bond. The candyfloss was tested positive for Methamphetamine which police have since said was due to a defective drug test.

The lady who had purchased the light blue and pink bag of candyfloss, or cotton candy in America, was wrongfully accused of meth trafficking, possession and intent to distribute meth to the public. This led to her 3 month imprisonment in which she stated she had missed out on many special family events such as the birth of her twin grandsons.

Laboratory testing

A state laboratory then tested the candyfloss to reveal that there had in fact been a mistake and the candyfloss was made purely of sugar and food coloring, the lady in question was then released however her record has not been cleared even though she was found innocent of any wrongdoing.

A 2016 an investigation found that cheap drug test kits that are often producing false positives which has resulted in many people being wrongfully jailed. Often labelled as drugs has been mints, cookies, tea and other harmless products! Sounds like it’s safer to cut out the junk food in America and stick to water and vegetables.

How is candyfloss made?

You make candy floss by putting sugar into the drum in the center of the machine. The center machine heats up to 180 degrees centigrade which then pushes the sugar through the mesh of the drum and candyfloss is webbed and formed. In order to change the color of the candyfloss you can add different coloring to the sugar. Here at the office we have thought about adding a powdered alcohol to the sugar to see if we could make alcoholic candyfloss however maybe this is a new market we could look into adding pure colorless methamphetamine powder… I know that the sugar rush and the color pigments can send a child hyper but I wouldn’t have thought a sweet treat you buy from the fairground for your kids would be mistaken for a deadly street drug talk about a hard-core sugar rush.

BBC Article

Ask about how to hire a candy floss cart without the meths addition.

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