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The Duke, Our Wild West Photo Booth

8 April 2020
Wild West Stagecoach Photo Booth

We have a number of specialised photo booths, London taxi cabs, a classic Mini Cooper, Indian Tuk Tuk. Well now we have a wild west photo booth

When looking for new lines we hit upon the idea of a Wild West photo booth. We looked at various saloon bars, a teepee, but decided that the most classic wild west ‘vehicle’ had to be the Concord stagecoach. Just like John Wayne in the classic film.

Luckily, we have a member of staff that happens to be a whizz, with wood. So, after some research, and finding some stagecoach plans (albeit for a model coach), we managed to create a workable blueprint.

The Build

When we started, in fairness, we didn’t actually realise the amount of work we were letting ourselves in for. But the initial body shaping looked spot on, and kept us reassured we were on the right track.

Initial Frame Build
Outer Panelling
Starting To Take Shape

The initial body shape came together well, because the body curves in 2 planes, it was difficult to shape, but after some intensive work, we got it together into the basic body.

Adding The Detail to the Doors and windows.
Coat Of Stain, And Trying The Wheels For Size
Drivers seat and footboard added
Adding The Drivers Seat And Footboard

This about finished the body, other than the interior. We didi think that was the bulk of the work done, until we actually started assembling the chassis.

Fitting The Chassis Joints
Getting There
Assembling The Front Axle
Assembled, Now Adding Some Of The Metalwork

The Chassis was actually quite complicated, as we tried to follow the real things metalwork, with a working handbrake, and the correct slings and fittings.

Almost The Finished Item. Body Mounted, Much Of The Steel Work Fitted.
Adding The Artwork To Finish It Off
Our High Plains Buffalo

All in all it was a long complicated build, but it has given us a totally unique photo booth, perfect for those wild west events.

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