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National Cotton Candy Day

7 December 2020
Candy Floss Carts For Hire

Another of our classic lines, cotton candy. Or as we call it in the UK, candy floss, our Aussie cousins fairy floss, and in various parts of the world papas beard, spider sugar and even Ghosts breath. Well today is national cotton candy day.

Invented in 1897 by Dr. William Morrison an American dentist. Who perhaps was taking the long term view of drumming up more customers for his main profession.

Its made by spinning a drum at high speed full of sugar. Around the perimeter of the drum is a mesh heating element. The sugar is heated to 186C where it melts and begin to ooze through the holes in the mesh. It instantly solidifies into long thin strands thinner than a human hair.

The only real ingredient is sugar, with a tiny amount of powdered food colouring to change its colour and flavour.

Sugar Cubes
Sugar Cubes CostaPPPR

New Adult Flavoured Candy Floss

Traditionally candy floss has had flavours such as strawberry, apple and so on. New for 2020 we are launching a range of adult orientated flavours. The initial batches will be Gin and Tonic, Sherry and Prosecco. We hope to add brandy and rum in the near future.

World Record

In June 2009 a candy floss 1400 metres long was made, entering the Guinness Book of Records. This culinary delight took over 6 hours to make.

There are even vending machines available now that make a candy floss for you.

In China, the street vendors make stunning flowers and other shapes using just candy floss.

Candy Floss Carts were the very first offering we had when we launched the company. It is still one of our most popular lines, and is quite often hired with popcorn as an extra. You can choose from a range of carts and bars to serve candy floss from, with our original Victorian style carts the most popular.

Victorian Catering Cart
Victorian Catering Cart

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