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Upgrading Our Churros Units

26 December 2023
Spanish Churros Sign

We have provided churros for a few years now. Originally baked churros, using a split baker, a bit like our waffles on a stick machine. Due to repeated requests, we eventually added traditional deep fried churros maker. This was using a single hand cranked extruder and a deep fat fryer, seconded from our burger units.

Our First Machine For Deep Fried Churros
Our First Machine For Deep Fried Churros

TBH, this worked perfectly well. It wasn’t the fastest thing in Christendom, but for most events of 150 or so guests it was perfectly adequate. And as most of our jobs were paid corporate events, people were content to wait for their churros.

Upgrading To A Retail Set Up

Now No1 daughter, decided that she was going back to our roots, and dipping her toe in the fickle waters of retail. Thing is in retail, what you can earn is directly tied to how fast you can cook and serve. To this end, we looked at who were probably the world’s leading authority on Spanish Churros. Yup, the Spanish.

Talking to a contact that deals a lot with Spanish Showmen, he reported back that most of them had a thing for churros maker kit from the venerable company of José Luis Blanco.

Established in 1958 the company has been producing some of the worlds most highly rated churros machinery for over 60 years.

Auto Or Manual

That was the question, auto dispensers are good, require less staff training, and in the hands of the inexperienced are quicker than manual. The drawback is they use computers. Which when they work are very good. When they don’t they aren’t.

We decided that we would take the hit on productivity, to trade it against reliability. Manual has much less to go wrong, and losing one good day due to a malfunction would more than wipe out the extra from making a few more portions every minute.

We went with the 5 litre manual churros maker, which is the largest Blanco make.

Blanco 5 Litre Dispenser
Blanco 5 Litre Dispenser

I duly ordered this, and winced. It was bloody expensive. Like more than my first car expensive. However, when it turned up I had to say it was a work of art. I could just about lift the thing. It was like fusing a Rolls Royce with a Swiss Clock. Catering equipment porn.

Adding The Fryer

We also needed a fryer. The little fish and chip fryers, were not only big enough for high capacity. They also didn’t have the theatre of swirling the oil around the circular pan a la Spanish style.

So we talked to Blanco and ordered a high capacity electric fryer. Trouble was, it seems there is a bout a three month backlog waiting for delivery. As No1 daughter had decided to book the new churros cart into Christmas at The Cathedral in Birmingham, which happened to be only five weeks away, this wasn’t really going to work.

Blanco Electric Fryer

Additionally this thing takes 56 freaking amps to run it. We could have gone overboard and got the bigger one, which takes 125 amps, but we don’t have a private bloody power station to run it. Well, OK we do have a range of generators which can, but 125 amps jeez.

Enter liquid petroleum gas. Or LPG as it is commonly referred to. Churros fryers are also available as gas powered alternatives. Blanco do these as well. With the same waiting time so we were no further forward.

Enter Churro Sur. Another supplier, that evidently isn’t in the top tier, but still well regarded. They offered to have a gas fryer to us before the start date of the market on 15th November.

Churro Sur Gas Fryer

This company also produces diesel powered fryers. We opted to stick with gas. There is enough hate being spewed about diesel powered stuff from the enviro brigade without us being picketed for being a churros polluter.

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