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New Equipment, Our Churros Box

30 December 2023
Churros Box At Night

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand our services, especially for larger events. We have added a new Spanish Churros unit.

In the past we have added churros making equipment to various of our existing catering units. This one has been purpose built especially for high volume events, although it will work just as well at a wedding or smaller event.

Our Little Blue Churros Box

High Capacity Churros Making Kit

To partner with our new unit, we selected a range of kit from J L Blanco, one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of churros making equipment.

High yield circular fryers were added in both electric and gas versions, allowing us the ability to operate with low power generators where necessary, or utilise the higher throughput of the electric fryer when adequate power is avialable.

Electric Churros Fryer
Electric Churros Fryer

Automatic Churros Dispenser

To partner with the fryer we selected a fully automatic dough dispenser. This dispenses, measures and cuts the extruded dough to the correct length, dropping a pre selected number of churros into the fryer at the touch of a button giving our churros box a super high yield potential.

Automatic Churros Dispenser
Automatic Churros Dispenser

Of course knowing the propensity of electronics to cease working at the most inconvenient of times, we also added a manual dispenser, allowing us to do it the old fashioned way.

Manual Dispenser
Manual Dispenser

Birmingham Cathedral Market

The first outing for the new churros box was the cathedral Christmas market in Birmingham. A 5 week stint serving churros at the festive event proved the units worth.

Although the unit is perfectly at home with smaller events, it is designed primarily for larger events and festival, where it can operate constantly at high speed for hours on end. If you are planning a major event, or just have a lot of hungry guests then this is the way to go.

Ask us for more details, remember all you need is love and churros.

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