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New Dutch Line To Our Catering

19 March 2019

We have just launched a new Dutch line to our catering carts. Poffertjes or baby pancakes. Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter treat, probably one of the most unique Dutch Sweet treat, they are small in size and we cook them on a special machine griddle that keeps them golden and fluffy.

Poffertjes Griddle
Poffertjes griddle or also known as a Poffertjes Plaat

They are made with yeast and buckwheat flour batter and have a light, spongy texture of batter resemble baby pancakes, as a sweet treat they are typically served with powdered sugar, melted butter, and eaten with a toothpick that has a Dutch flag on. We carry on the tradition and cook them on traditional poffertjes plaats then serve them in the traditional manner. Coated in butter with a selection of sauces and toppings. Or for a luxury treat you can even have them with strawberries and cream

Although Poffertjes are traditionally seen as a festive treat in the Netherlands and found at the Christmas markets or winter festivals we offer this service all year round! They’re perfect if you want novel delicious treat for your guests or customers. Our machines cook numerous poffertjes at the same time, and we serve 5 or 6 on a tray, which means we can deal with large queues.

Potential New Dutch Line

Due to the popularity of this new Dutch line to our catering carts we are now looking into other possibilities to serve at events.


These are small gingerbread style cookies, and traditionally are only available around autumn time in the lead up to the traditional Sinterklaas celebrations at the beginning of December. Pepernoten’s are roughly the size of a bottle cap and they come in several different flavors, the most popular being the Kruidnoot which comes served with dark or white chocolate.


Stoofperen’s are pears soaked in a mix of red wine, sugars and spices. They can be served either cold or warm with a scoop of ice cream. They can traditionally be served as a side dish accompanying meat or as a desert.


These are very popular in other countries across the globe rather than just remotely enjoyed in the Netherlands. They are thinner than the American style pancakes, but thicker than a crepe. The Dutch like to eat these throughout the day rather than traditionally for breakfast

Pannenkoek’s have a concept of pizza served with toppings such as slices of bacon, cheese and apples or raisins. They also traditionally have sugar syrup or powdered sugar on top.

Hire Dutch Poffertjes For Your Events

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