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Boozy Donuts

24 March 2019

What could possibly be better than donuts? What about… Boozy Donuts Yesss that’s right some genius has come up with donut’s infused with alcohol. Dirrty Doughnuts in Liverpool has created the coolest donuts with the naughty little filling. I have never been so supportive of anything in my entire life. It’s genuinely the best mash up of the world’s best treats on offer all rolled up into one. You can now get fat and drunk at the same time.  

The Dirrty Doughnuts café offers a number of different choices such as an Irish special Guinness infused frosted glaze, cheeky Jack Daniels and coke, and a White Chocolate Espresso Martin flavour.

The Co-founder Jemma Clark has stated that she’s always found donuts as being a form art work and that a simple addition of colourful icing and a few sprinkles here and there can create such an appealing visual to the potential muncher!

The creators hope that the doughnuts become a novelty and stand out against the average cupcake and birthday cake.  I can’t see it taking off for the under 18’s birthday party’s somehow but imagine the possibilities for hen parties, birthdays and stag doos! All the fun of getting drunk and eating so you don’t have to call at McDonald’s on your way home.

Americas Boozy Donuts

In America a donut shop called The Doughnut Project have launched a cocktail menu full of cocktail alcoholic donuts that’s available in store every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a five week program to see if it will be a hit. Each of the Donuts consist of enough booze to give you a kick without being too sickly and sweet.

Some examples of the most popular boozy donuts on the menu is the

 NoMad bar Doughnut, The ingredients are bourbon, rum, Strega, honey, ginger, lemon, and orange bitters.

The Bennett Doughnut, which includes Cachaca, pineapple, banana liquor, falernum and gardenia mix.

And the all-time favorite Death and Co. Doughnut, which includes the best things in life: coffee, doughnuts, and alcohol. It’s made with rum, Punt e Mes, cold brew, vanilla, and tonic.

Makes our delicious hot fresh doughnuts for weddings seem a bit tame.


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