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7 Best Sidestalls Hire For Events

8 September 2020

One of our most popular attractions at events is our range of compact sidestall hire. With a range of Victorian games from the iconic traditional hook a duck and coconut shie. To modern treats such as mini basketball and knock the cans off the shelf. All of our games can be custom branded, as the examples here show on a recent job for Amazon.

Hook A Duck Sidestall

Hook a duck sidestall
Traditional Hook A Duck Stall

Possibly the simplest game ever. Catch a duck to win. If you need to make it harder then we can mark some of the ducks as winners to reduce the odds. This is ideal for the kids but tends to be a bit simple for most adults.

Ball In A Bucket Sidestall

Ball in a bucket side stall
Ball In A Bucket Sidestall

This one adds a bit of skill into the mix, on the surface its quite simple, throw a ball into the bucket. However the catch is, the ball needs to stop in, harder than it sounds.

Mini Basketball Sidestall

Mini Basketball Sidestall
Mini Basketball Sidestall

One of our more upto date games, throw a mini basketball into the hoop. If you want it a little harder make it 2 out of 3.

Coconut Shie Sidestall

Coconut Shie sidestall for hire
Coconut Shie Hire

Another of the olde tyme favourites, knock a coconut off with a wooden ball. On some traditional fairgrounds the coconuts would be made out of either wood or metal painted to look like wood. Ours are actual coconuts so you have a chance of winning.

Splat The Rat Sidestall

Splat the rat traditional game
Splat The Rat Traditional Game

This one is a little different to the others. More of a traditional village game, it is oh so simple to play, but fiendishly difficult to win. The operator drops a toy rat down the drainpipe, as it shoots out of one pipe into the other you need to whack it with the bat. Thing is rats don’t really like being whacked. So as a result they move fast, like a, well, like a rat down a drainpipe. So you need to move like Jason Bourne to actually hit one.

Cans Off The Shelf

Cans off the shelf
Cans off the shelf

One of our harder games. Easy in concept, you just knock the cans off the shelf. But due to the weight of the cans, and the lightness of the balls, you need to really wind up and throw.

Ball In A Milk Churn

Ball in a milk churn
Ball In A Milk Churn

These fall in the mid range for difficulty. You just need to throw one of the baseballs into the top of the churn. We can adjust the throwing distance to make it easier or harder.

Covid Secure

Hand Sanitisation Stations
Hand Sanitisation Stations

In line with the current situation we are all dealing with, all of our stalls come with hand sanitisation stations attached, allowing the players to ensure they remain safe from the virus. Additionally all of the surfaces on the stalls are treated with Zoono, 30 day anti microbial treatment, which actively destroys the virus on contact. This is to ensure that sidestall hire is offered safely for your event.


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